Akaso Video Doorbell Review 2021 – Will It Keep Your Home Safe?

Last Updated On December 28th, 2020

Looking for a way to keep your home safe? Our Akaso doorbell review will tell you the different aspects that make this security option a great solution for UK buyers. We will be assessing the performance of this smart camera doorbell based on several factors including:

  • Set up
  • Compatibility
  • Phone App
  • Settings Adjustment

Akaso Video Doorbell Review

akaso smart systemThe Akaso video doorbell is a security device which can be put in place of a standard doorbell. It can be used as an intercom that is able to record video which can be viewed on your smartphone or other devices.

Additionally, this wireless alarm system has a camera that can monitor motion outside your property via PIR and will alert your mobile device when abnormal movement is detected or at a ring of the doorbell.

This smart video doorbell is packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with inner foam protection. It comes supplied with a mounting bracket, fixing screws, Allen key and Quick Reference Guide booklet.

There are also two rechargeable batteries which can be charged via a 5V/2A micro USB lead (not supplied). For a direct connection, there is a means of connecting via an AC (14-24V) bell transformer to terminals on the device.

When not in use, the device will go into sleep mode until activated by movement or a caller pressing the doorbell.

Features and Benefits

1. Set Up

This wireless doorbell camera is quite easy to install. It’s a matter of following the instructions on your mobile device or via the Quick Reference Guide booklet.

To begin to set up the wireless doorbell, it will need to be positioned within range of your Wifi router. You will need to fully charge the batteries via a USB lead. This will normally take approximately eight hours to fully charge. Once the batteries are fully charged you can then begin connecting it to your mobile device via Wifi using the ToSee Plus App which is downloadable from the Apple App Store for iPhone or from Google Play for Android phones.

2. Compatibility

It can work in conjunction with Amazon Echo Show products and can connect with Alexa devices.

3. Phone App

ToSee Plus AppInstalling a smart doorbell can be very convenient. When a caller presses the doorbell you will be able to hear it on your phone and speak to them via the intercom and they can speak to you. You can also view who is at the door via the camera video link on your phone. This two-way audio gives you the opportunity to ignore the doorbell if it is an unwanted caller.

Of course, the ios and Android compatible App will still alert you when you are away from home so that you will never miss friends and family or delivery drivers. The great thing is that when you receive an alert you can also check for intruders.

This easy to install App features a battery level indicator so you will know when it needs to be charged and you need never end up with a flat battery.

All videos are recorded in the ToSee Plus Recording Service Plan via the Cloud. This comes supplied with free 30-day Cloud storage where you can edit and share any doorbell video. Recordings can then be viewed any time via the Cloud Album.

4. Settings Adjustment

Once you have completed set up, the doorbell settings can be adjusted to suit your personal preference.

a. Mobile Motion Detection Sensitivity

Akaso works like an HD wifi security camera with its video night vision PIR motion detector. This can be adjusted to:

  • Low (triggered 10 seconds after entering PIR detection)
  • Medium (triggered 5 seconds after entering PIR detection)
  • High (triggered immediately after entering PIR range)

The High setting could work best if you want to instantly view who is at the door.

b. Volume Control

The ring volume can be turned on or off. Also, the intercom volume is adjustable according to your personal preference.

c. Strong Light Inhibition

The strong sunlight in the mornings could trigger alerts on your phone so you may have to adjust it to the lowest setting.

d. Night Vision Mode

The infra-red lamp can be turned on or off. You may also put it on auto.


compatible with Amazon Echo ShowDuring our Akaso doorbell review, we found that if you are one of those people want extra security and are becoming increasingly annoyed with cold callers then this could be the smart camera doorbell for you. By simply using the wake feature on the ToSee Plus App you can have great real-time two-way audio and live video coverage of your driveway day and night. You can also view what is happening opposite your property via the inbuilt 166-degree wide angle lens.

The Akaso smart video camera doorbell can be just what you are looking for if you hope to have peace of mind when you are out or away on holiday. It can be a great deterrent to any would-be intruders to have this doorbell on the front of your house as they know they can be seen and even recorded.

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