Can a Baby Bouncer Cause Brain Damage?

Last Updated On June 10th, 2020

It’s the joy of each mother to see their child playing around, running here and there with their fellow siblings. However, it requires a lot of care and attention in raising the kids to the energetic young persons they become. Raising a healthy child is an essential part of parenthood. It’s also a great motivation to the parent to raise more kids. However it is not an easy task, and it requires a lot of commitment and sacrifice, giving your all to the little angel you intend to raise.

With the advance in technology, parenting has been revolutionized, and the eager parents who want to see their kids on the floor crawling and waiting for them to take their first steps are eager to adapt the technology. Baby bouncers and baby walkers are among the developments that the young mothers especially are willing to take. They allow the child sit comfortable and not disturb you as you partake your activities, and it also helps them adopt walking faster. However, far from the advantages, the technology has come with there are negative sides to it.

As a child grows and develops, they require having strong bones, limbs to support their body and enable their flexible movement. This will enable them to grow to be strong, energetic individuals. Exercising is a crucial part of development be it physical or mental. Allowing them crawl on the ground, trying to maneuver their way through and stand tall is vital for not only strong bones development but also brain development. They try find their way through whatever little jungle they are in, in so doing, their brain cells are activated, and they grow at a faster rate and are even better health wise. The baby bouncers and walkers have however taken this critical growth period from the little ones. Busy moms as well end up neglecting their children living them to themselves on the bouncer, instead of leaving them to crawl on the ground while monitoring them.

Should you bounce your baby?baby in a bouncer

The baby bouncer has also been seen to raise concerns about causing shaken baby syndrome. The longer you put your baby in the bouncer, they come more adapted to being there and in some cases also visualize themselves being their while you or anyone else is holding them. This is quite unhealthy as it causes more complications and may cause brain damage to the child as they grow. Attending to your kid is also vital, more so when they are alone in the bouncer. Never leave them alone unattended. Many deaths occur to kids at a young age due to neglect; this results in suffocation and eventual death of the infant. Where the kid is not well tucked in the bouncer, they may fall off, which may cause injury to them. In cases where they hit their heads on the ground or against heard substances, they may cause considerable damage to their head, and it may translate to brain damage as they grow.

In as much as it’s a faster way to achieve your dreams as a mother, it is essential that the health of your kid outweighs your expectations. Minimize the bounces you give to your kid every day and monitor them every time they are on the bouncer or the walker. Being a part of this experience will enable you keep a closer look on them and allow you some bonding time. The mother also gets to know when to stop bouncing the child to enable them grow healthily. Living the job to caregivers, however, may not work well for you. Be a part of every step they take

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