Can Baby Monitors Be Hacked?

Last Updated On June 10th, 2020

Concerned parents are going to use baby monitors in order to check up on their children in the first place. However, being concerned parents, many of them are going to have a similar concern: can baby monitors be hacked? The short answer is that yes, baby monitors can be hacked.

Naturally, it does depend on the baby monitor. However, a lot of parents today specifically use baby monitors that are connected to the Internet, and these have managed to introduce a lot of new security problems. It’s understandable why so many parents use baby monitors that are connected to the Internet in the first place. With these baby monitors, they can easily use their phones and computers in order to keep track of their children while they are asleep in order to make sure everything is okay. Sadly, this also leaves the door open for sufficiently diligent and potentially nefarious people to do the exact same thing.

Preventing Hackers Gaining Accesshand holding a white baby monitor

Fortunately, it is also possible for parents and guardians to successfully defend themselves and their families against hackers in this way, and that doesn’t even necessarily mean that they’re going to have to go back to the vintage baby monitors that were not connected to the Internet. Naturally, some people are going to do this, even though the vintage baby monitors are far more limited in terms of what they can do and the information that they are able to provide for parents. Parents also can only access them through the second baby monitor in the manner of old-fashioned walkie-talkie devices. It makes more sense for a lot of parents to try to find a way to make their Internet baby monitors safer.

Parents should register their Internet baby monitors the moment that they buy them. Once these items are registered, they will get all of the benefits of receiving regular software updates, and this specifically includes the firmware updates that people will get with their other devices. People are able to keep their other devices safe by regularly getting them updated, and they can do the exact same thing with their Internet baby monitors.

Password protection for a given wireless home router can also make all the difference in the world for the people who are trying to keep their Internet baby monitors generally safe. Naturally, this is going to help people keep all of their other devices at home safe, so password protection is a good idea in general. People today sometimes still use the default versions of the passwords that they receive when they buy their devices initially, and this is always a bad idea. Parents need to change the passwords into something that should be that much harder to hack. Otherwise, hackers can more or less just input the default passwords and gain access to their systems right away, since the default passwords are often going to be common knowledge among hackers. Baby monitors can be hacked, but it is also possible to defend one’s systems against the hackers of baby monitors.

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