Can A Vacuum Cleaner Kill Bed Bugs?

Last Updated On October 25th, 2019

Bed bugs are indescribable and resilient living things that catch rides in baggage, clothing, furniture, purses, and even electrical wiring and connecting pipes. They are indiscriminate; they do not choose which homes to attack. They are capable of hiding in the tiniest places and devices in a home. These nocturnal living creatures feed on human blood. They are hard to eliminate once they infest a home and are perceived to be found mostly in bedrooms. However, it is probable to find them in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and living rooms.

Once you discover they have infested your home, there are many ways you use to eradicate them. These include the use of insecticides and vacuum cleaners. But can vacuum cleaners kill bed bugs? Vacuum cleaners do not kill them, but they can assist in reducing their numbers in some locations in your home. Vacuums help in capturing some them. Hence, they are not entirely efficient.

Advantages of using vacuum cleaners

While vacuum cleaners are not as effective as expected, they help you to do the following:

  • Do away with large clusters of bed bugs fast or physically do away with those that are isolated
  • Eradicate those bugs that are resistant to insecticides
  • Limit the use of insecticides over and over again
  • Control the bugs in areas where the use of pesticides is not practical, efficient, or safe
  • Provide another control means in areas where clutter is bad
  • Cleaners help you to take out the dead bugs, dirt, shed skins and other debris that can enhance the efficiency of insecticide treatment

To ensure you confine the most bugs possible and that you do not allow the spread of their infestation, here are the tips:

  • Focus your concentration on the infested areas
  • Avoid pressing hard against the fabric to avoid flicking bed bugs and eggs off the surface instead of capturing them.
  • After finishing, remove the vacuum bag and seal it with a tape. Then place the vacuum bag into a plastic container and seal this outer bag and dispose it in the trash.
  • If your cleaner does not have a bag, empty it and throw away the contents in a sealed plastic bag.
  • If you intend to use the cleaner in another location to control bed bugs, ensure you discard the hoover contents correctly

Keep in mind the places where you found bed bugs so as to do a repeated vacuuming.


Bed bugs like to hide in inaccessible locations, so the more things you have, the more prone they are to find hiding areas. Timing is the best way to control bed bugs, and using a vacuum clear can be a successful option before these creatures are disturbed, and they are still together in clumps. Even though a vacuum cleaner will not kill them (use a bed bug exterminator for that), it is good in controlling their spread. It is essential also to use a vacuum cleaner designed for pesticide control and not just any. using the device is a fast method to deal with bed bugs that are getting a ride on your shoes and clothes.

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