Best Cat Water Fountain Reviews UK 2023 – Top 9 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

A cat water fountain is an easy and effective way to get your cat to drink more water, which in turn can improve its overall health. This accessory provides easier access to fresh running water, which is not only more appealing to cats but slows down bacterial growth as well.

Given the overwhelming number of cat water fountains available today, choosing the best cat water fountain in the UK might seem like a daunting task. Here are our reviews and buying guide to help you out.

Best Cat Water Fountain Reviews – Top 9 Picks

1. Catit Original Flower 3L (Editor’s Choice)

Catit Original Flower 3LTopping our best cat water fountains list is the Catit Original Flower. We love its stylish and fun design that is both space and energy-efficient.


The Catit Original Flower pet fountain is constructed using BPA free plastic. Featuring a lovely flower spout, this cat water fountain comes in a calming combination of white and green. In addition, this pet drinking fountain has a large three-litre water capacity and includes water flow settings—gentle, bubbling, and calm stream.

This cat water fountain is designed to prevent whisker stress by keeping your cat’s whiskers out of the water and off the sides while your pet is drinking. It also comes with triple-action filters to clean the flowing water and help minimise pet hair accumulation. Furthermore, the water pump requires minimal power to function, also making it energy-efficient. There’s also a convenient water level window that ensures you are able to add more drinking water before it runs dry.

On the downside, the flower design of the Catit’s water spout may not be suitable for some flat-faced cats. This device may not be the quietest option as well. However, its many redeeming qualities easily make up for these minor concerns.

  • Large 3L capacity
  • Energy-efficient
  • 3 water flow settings
  • Water level window
  • Easy to clean
  • May not be the quietest
  • May not be the best for a flat-faced cat

2. PetSafe Drinkwell (Luxury Choice)

PetSafe DrinkwellThe PetSafe Drinkwell cat water fountain is another worthy contender in this top 9 list. Its easy-to-clean design makes it an excellent choice for cat owners who want a low maintenance fountain, or for cats who prefer drinking from a faucet.


This cat drinking fountain is made with thick, dark grey BPA-free plastic. It features a free-falling water flow that mimics a faucet and pools into the large basin. The PetSafe Drinkwell has a 1.8-litre water capacity and a fully adjustable flow rate. It is specifically designed without preset water flow settings. This means you can increase or decrease the flow speed and customise it to your cat’s liking by simply spinning a dial.

The PetSafe cat drinking fountain features a dual-filtration system and includes a carbon and foam filter. Additionally, this cat water fountain boasts a design that’s very easy to clean and without tricky crevices and corners. The bowl is dishwasher-safe too.

Unfortunately, some consumer reports indicate that the pump may occasionally vibrate against the plastic casing, producing a low buzzing sound. Also, it is a bit larger than expected making it less than ideal if you are looking for more of a space-saving design.

  • Customisable water flow
  • Dishwasher-safe shell
  • Dual-filtration system
  • Free-falling flow
  • Durable, BPA-free construction
  • May not be the most compact
  • The pump may vibrate against the case

3. Parner Dispenser with Mat (Best Value)

Parner Dispenser with MatWith its 2W power consumption, the Partner Dispenser with Mat is the perfect match for those who prefer an energy-saving fountain for cats. Not only is it energy-efficient, but it also comes with a few bonus features that help make it easier to use, such as a LED night light, water level window, and a silicone mat.


This cat water fountain features a simple yet elegant flower waterfall design. It offers three flow settings: waterfall, bubble, and gentle fountain. In addition, the Parner drinking fountain has a 2.5-litre water capacity that is estimated to last for approximately three days for a single cat. It also features a water level window with LED light. This means you can easily check the fountain’s water level at a glance, even at night. The blue LED night light also makes the whole fountain glow.

Another thing cat owners would appreciate is the fact that the Parner pet water fountain comes with a silicone splash mat to keep the floor around the device dry. This cat fountain also comes with replacement filters to help purify water and remove hair and debris.

However, it is worth noting that this pet fountain doesn’t have the quietest operation. There are also reports of the pump being less durable but considering its features, we still think it makes an excellent water dispenser option.

  • Splash mat
  • Water level window
  • LED night light
  • 2.5 L capacity
  • Replacement filters
  • May not be the quietest
  • Pump may be less durable

4. HoneyGuaridan W25 (Best Smart)

HoneyGuaridan W25The HoneyGuaridan W25 is the best choice on our list if you are looking for a smart water fountain with enhanced technological features. As an added bonus, the smart features help conserve energy as well.


Featuring a compact oval, clear-rimmed design, this pet fountain is crafted from white BPA-free plastic. It has a 2-litre capacity and three smart flow settings: continuous, infrared induction, and intermittent. In the continuous mode, water is circulated nonstop. The smart working setting activates water flow if your cat is detected within 1.5 metres of the fountain. The intermittent mode turns water flow on for one hour and then off for 30 minutes on a cycle. The smart working and intermittent modes allow for enhanced energy-efficiency.

The HoneyGuaridan W25 cat water fountain comes with two carbon filters to purify your tap water. The carbon filter also removes cat hair, food particles, and dirt. It also features a convenient LED light indicator that alerts you when to add fresh water and prevents it from running without water which could damage the pump. The indicator lights also tell you which setting is currently activated. Another great thing about this pet fountain is that it runs quietly, even when on continuous mode.

However, it may take some time for your cat to get used to drinking from the fountain spout. The included power lead is quite short.

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Smart design
  • 2 filters included
  • Compact size
  • Quiet operation
  • Shorter lead may restrict the positioning
  • May not be ideal for cats that prefer free-falling water

5. Pet Mate 2L (Best Quiet)

Pet Mate 2LIf you prefer a quiet cat water fountain, this Pet Mate 2L dispenser from Cat Mate is definitely a great option. This quiet pet fountain could make all the difference when it comes to getting your pets to drink from it, particularly if your cat tends to get easily scared of noises.


This Pet Mate drinking fountain from Cat Mate is made out of white plastic and features a tri-level design. It has three water bowls, a small waterfall, and a free-falling stream to give your cat plenty of height and flow options. It has a 2-litre capacity and has a fully adjustable flow speed enabled by a speed dial.

The extra quiet functioning of this Cat Mate drinking fountain is facilitated by its isolated pump design. Isolating the pump minimises vibration against the plastic shell, which in turn reduces the overall sound produced. This pet fountain also comes with a polymer and activated carbon filter for purifying your tap water. Offering a relatively low power consumption, the Cat Mate drinking fountain also includes a three-metre power lead that allows you to choose where you want to place it.

However, this Cat Mate fountain may require more frequent deep cleanings to keep it running in optimal shape. Even so, consumer reports indicate that it may not last as long as three years, although it comes with a 3-year guarantee from Cat Mate.

  • Extra quiet
  • Fully adjustable stream
  • Multiple drinking levels
  • Longer power lead
  • Adjustable flow
  • May be less durable
  • May need frequent deep cleaning

6. Parner Stainless Steel Dispenser (Best with Mat)

Parner Stainless Steel DispenserThe Parner Stainless Steel Dispenser is next up on our best cat water fountain in the UK list. This water fountain makes a great choice if you have multiple pets, prioritise quiet functioning, or your cat prefers cooler water.


The Parner cat water fountain features a round white plastic base, a stainless steel water tray, and a flower fountain spout. The stainless steel top is easy to clean and also helps keep the water cooler for your cat. The Parner also includes a silicone mat and comes with a large 2.4-litre capacity. Additionally, it has three flow settings that include bubbles, soft fountain, and waterfall modes.

This pet fountain contains a carbon filter and comes with three additional filters. An LED night light paired with a water level window helps you keep the fountain full of water. The energy-saving submersible pump enables quiet operation on every water setting.

It is worth noting that Parner’s bright light may initially scare the cats first. However, the brightness is not really hard to get used to, so they’ll eventually play around and drink from it. Also, it could use some backup power source like batteries, in case of a power outage.

  • Four carbon filters included
  • Large 2.4 L capacity
  • With a silicone mat
  • Stainless steel tray
  • Quiet operation
  • May take some time for the cats to get used to because of the light’s brightness
  • May not be useful in case of a power outage

7. Petnf 2020 (Best Filtration System)

Petnf 2020Next up is the Petnf 2020 cat water fountain. It has a recently upgraded design and a large water capacity that makes it a great choice for homes with more than one cat.


The Petnf 2020 cat fountain features an advanced triple-action filtration system containing both an activated carbon filter as well as a cotton filter. Petnf recommends that you change the filter every two to four weeks to achieve the best results. The package already includes two back-up filters. This fountain has a sprout waterfall or bubbling fountain water flow mode so you can cater to your pet’s preferences.

The completely transparent design of the Petnf 2020 fountain allows you to easily check the level and cleanliness of the water, with a quick glance. Petnf also includes a bonus brush to make the cleaning process as easy as possible. Conveniently, this fountain features a USB power source that automatically turns off if the water level is too low – to preserve the motor’s integrity. It boasts a low 30-decibel noise level when filled with the appropriate amount of water.

Regretfully, this pet water fountain has a relatively shallow bowl that could spill easily, especially with friskier cats. Additionally, while it may run quietly at first, there are reports indicating that the noise level increases over time.

  • Large 3-litre water tank capacity
  • Advanced triple-action filtration system
  • Two replacement filters included
  • Easy viewing transparent design
  • Convenient USB power source
  • Bowl may be a shallow option
  • It may become noisier over time

8. November Spring Dispenser (Versatile Option)

November Spring dispenserThe November Spring Dispenser is next up on our best pet water fountains list. This fountain is not only a great choice for cats but is also designed for use with a small dog or other pets as well.


The November Spring drinking fountain design features a round white PP resin plastic material base with either a green or blue water bowl top. It has a 1.6-litre water capacity and a removable flower fountain spout with three water speeds: bubble, waterfall, and soft fountain. The flower spout can also be removed to make the fountain more accessible for cats and dogs.

This water fountain features a convenient water level window and comes with a silicone mat to contain possible messes caused by splashing. It also comes with a carbon filter to purify water and features low power usage to make it more energy-efficient. November Spring recommends changing the carbon filter every 2-4 weeks to achieve optimal filtration results.

November Spring pet fountains have a lower water capacity requiring you to refill them more frequently, and making them less ideal for households with multiple pets. These pet fountains also have a shorter power lead, restricting your placement options, and a base that is slightly more narrow than the top making it easier to tip over for rambunctious pets.

  • Low power usage
  • Two top colours
  • Silicone mat included
  • Good for small cats and dogs
  • Water level window
  • May not be ideal for multiple cats
  • Shorter power lead may make positioning tricker
  • May be easier to tip over

9. Furrybaby Dispenser (Best Angled Bowl)

Furrybaby DispenserThe Furrybaby cat water dispenser is another great option on our best-of list that provides you with a quiet operation. This means it is great for skittish cats or pets and features high-quality build materials.


The Furrybaby drinking water fountain features a white square base that doesn’t easily tip over and has a clear rim around the top to create an angled water bowl. This high-quality product is made with environmentally-friendly materials that promise to be durable and long-lasting. The water flows directly out of the top in a spout style and it has a two-litre water capacity.

This water fountain for your furry friends has a built-in LED night light paired with a water level viewing window so you won’t accidentally run into it in the dark. The viewing window also makes it easy to monitor the water level.

There’s also a low power submersible pump with an automatic shut-off feature to help minimise noise during operation and prevent motor damage in case it accidentally runs dry. We also like that the Dadypet cat water fountain comes with two filters included and is easy to clean.

Possible downsides for this pet fountain include it only having one water speed and not being ideal for cats who prefer free-falling water. Also, according to reviews, the LED light stops working after a few months of use.

  • Two filters included
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Environmentally-friendly materials
  • Automatic shut-off safety feature
  • May not have variable water speeds
  • LED light may malfunction

Cat Water Fountains Buying Guide

That’s all for our cat fountain reviews. Now it’s time to explore the most important traits to look for when shopping for and comparing cat water fountains. Just like what we did with our buying guides for cat beds and cat carriers, we will discuss why specific features are important. We will also cover some pro tips relating to cat water fountains and the benefits they provide.

What to Look for in a Cat Fountain

The following subsections explain how we chose the products featured on our best cat water fountains list based on several factors.

Fountain Spout Design

black feline near dispenser with flower spoutWhen first narrowing down your fountain choices you may want to consider the type of water spout a fountain has. Some pet water fountains have running water that trickles down over waterfalls, others have free-falling streams, and others still bubble and spout upwards. If you have a pet that prefers drinking from the faucet, you may be best served by a pet water fountain with a free-falling water design.

When it comes to choosing water fountains for your pets, it is important that your pet will want to use them without taking too much time to get used to them. Cats can be pretty picky when it comes to water fountains. That’s why we recommend starting with the type of spout you think your cat will like best. Of course, there’s always a chance your pets won’t care about the spout design at all and you’ll choose to prioritise different traits instead.


All of the cat or pet water fountains on our list feature some sort of filtration system. We think a filter is one of the best parts about having a pet fountain because it can help improve your cat’s health, reduce the accumulation of hair in the water bowl, and purify your tap water all at the same time.

The most common types of filters used to clean drinking water for your pets are either a charcoal filter or a carbon filter. Almost all of the cat fountains on our best-of list have carbon filters or some combination of carbon and other materials. Many of the fountains also come with extra filters which we view as an added bonus.

Water Capacity

The drinking water capacity on water fountains is also an important trait to keep an eye out for when shopping around, especially if you have multiple pets or plan on leaving your cats at home alone for a day or two. A larger water tank capacity will allow you to refill the fountain less and will also reduce the chances that you accidentally let it run dry, which can be damaging to the pump’s motor. Water capacity tends to range from 1-3 litres for cat water fountains, make sure you choose a greater litre capacity if you prefer lower maintenance or have more than one pet.


Some cat water fountains can make a significant amount of noise but for the most part, they remain fairly quiet overall. However, many cats are turned off by a water fountain that makes too much noise so even if you think it’s pretty quiet, your cat may not. Make sure to choose a water fountain known for quiet operation if you know your cat tends to be a bit shy or hesitant in new situations.

Easy to Clean

The best water fountain for cats should be easy to clean and maintain. Even though a water fountain has cleaner water than a stagnant bowl, in general, you will still need to clean it fairly regularly to achieve optimal performance and keep the drinking water as fresh as possible. We like a fountain with dishwasher-safe parts because we think they are the easiest to clean. However, even a fountain without dishwasher-safe parts shouldn’t be too difficult to clean.


feline drinking from blue electric dispenserThe variable water speed settings provided by a fountain can also go a long way in determining whether or not your cat will actually use, or even like the fountain. Some flow speeds can be too fast or loud for a cat while other flow speeds can entice and provoke a cat’s curiosity, as is common with a gentle bubbling flow. Many of the best options on our best fountain list come with more than one flow setting for the water allowing you to experiment and set it based on your cat’s preference.


Style can also be important when choosing a pet water fountain if you don’t want it to look out of place in your home. Make sure you choose models that suit your pets and home decor.

Pet Water Fountain Tips

Do Cats Prefer Water Fountains?

Cats are often very particular about the water they choose to drink. Unlike dogs, who will drink and eat just about everything you put in front of them, cats are more hygienic overall and prefer to drink fresh, clean water whenever possible. Many cats also prefer running water over water in a still bowl. So, do cats prefer a drinking water fountain? Absolutely, and if it gets your pets to drink cleaner water at the same time then what do you have to lose?

What Are the Benefits of a Cat Water Fountain?

Many cats could benefit from drinking more water and in most cases, they would if they had clean, or running water, available. Drinking more water can prevent urinary tract infections and kidney disease in cats and promote healthy kidney functioning as well. Considering how much we love our pets, getting a water fountain to boost your cat’s health seems like a no brainer.

What Is the Best Choice for Your Pet?

By now, you probably know all you ever wanted and more about cat drinking fountains so it should be easy for you to determine what the best cat water fountain in the UK for your home could be. But before you make your pick, let’s review the features of our favourite choice, the Catit Original Flower 3L.

The Catit Original Flower cat water fountain has a stylish, space-saving and energy-efficient design with a daisy-like spout. It features three water flow speed settings and has a large 3-litre water capacity. In addition, it comes with a cleaning set, a water level viewing window and a replaceable triple-action filter.

Which one of the products on our best pet water fountains list will suit your cat’s needs most effectively?

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