Best Dog Harness Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

Choosing the best dog harness UK companies have to offer can be quite the challenge.

You need to think about a lot of different factors to get the purchase just right, from the size of your dog to the kind of style you want for the harness. You also need to consider things like comfort and durability, so you can ensure that your new purchase stands the test of time.

Today, we’re going to be exploring some of the best dog harness options on the market for puppies and pooches of all shapes and sizes, to help you make a better purchasing decision. Here’s your guide to some of the best harnesses available right now.

Best Dog Harness Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Julius-K9 16IDC-C-0 (Editor’s Choice)

Julius-K9 16IDC-C-0Durable, reliable, and ready to come with you on a range of adventures, the Julius-K9 dog harness is one of the best products you can find online and in pet supplies stores. This convenient step-in harness is easy to use, with a durable and robust selection of materials that won’t tear, no matter how much your dog might pull. There are even reflective edges to keep your dog safe at night.


The modern Julius-K9 dog harness comes with anti-allergenic material to protect your pet from unwanted discomfort, while the breathable skin-friendly inner lining stays comfy during long walks. The chest strap leaves the dog’s neck free, so you don’t have to worry about choking, and there’s a set of heavy-duty buckles for getting your dog safely strapped in.

This powerful harness comes with extra features, like a side bag attachment option for carrying dog treats and other must-have items. There’s also a flashlight holder, too.

One possible downside is that the sizing can be a little difficult to predict. Additionally, it may not be the most comfortable for dogs when they’re laying down.

  • Excellent non-pull harness that protects your dog’s neck and head
  • Reflective materials for walking your pet at night
  • Durable construction means it holds tight around the chest and belly
  • Extra features for carrying bottles and treats
  • Resistant to moisture
  • May not be the best for laying down due to chest plate
  • Can be difficult to choose the right sizing for some

2. RUFFWEAR Multi-Use (Luxury Choice)

RUFFWEAR Multi-useEnjoy a more comfortable walking experience with your four-legged friend with another of the best dog harness UK stores have to offer. This RUFFWEAR multi-use harness, best for everyday use, is suitable for all kinds of environments, including hiking trails, fields, and so much more. Not only is this heavy-duty harness reliable for walkies, but it’s great for lifting and assisting small dogs who struggle with obstacles.


Intended to improve the safety and comfort of all kinds of dog breeds during outdoor adventures, this RUFFWEAR multi-use dog harness is available in a range of sizes to suit your needs. The design makes it easy to get this harness on and off, with a ring on the back for easy lifting too. There are padded straps for extra comfort and a highly reflective material for walking in the dark.

Robust woven straps offer high-quality peace of mind wherever your journey might take you. Plus, you can even choose from a range of colours for your dog. One slight downside is that this dog harness is a little bulky and cumbersome. You may also have a hard time fitting this harness to dogs with a shorter body shape.

  • Great alternative to the standard collar and lead
  • Heavy-duty materials work in a range of high-pressure environments
  • Helps with lifting and assisting small dogs without chest strap pressure
  • Reflective materials make people and dogs easier to see
  • Padded straps keep your dog comfortable
  • Might not be suitable for canine breeds with a shorter body
  • Harness can be a bit bulky and cumbersome, even with the adjustable fit

3. Rabbitgoo No-Pull (Best Value)

Rabbitgoo No-PullIf you’re on the hunt for dog harnesses that deliver excellent durability and performance use after use, this could be the product for you. This Rabbitgoo no pull dog harness has it all; available to suit a variety of canine breeds, the non-pull dog harness uses a chest attachment to help you gain better control of your pooch.


Ideal for pets that often pull on walks, this dog harness delivers the incredible combination of a perfect fit and a comfortable clip harness that distributes pressure throughout your dog’s body and reduces the risk of pulling. Unlike other types that chafe and scrape against your dog’s skin, this harness will keep your pooch close, without any safety issues.

Safe and comfortable, this easy to put on dog harness includes four adjustable straps, including neck and chest straps. You also get reflective straps to protect your dog on dark walks, and a breathable nylon mesh material to keep your pooch cool. It does take a little while to adjust this dog harness to suit your dog initially. Dogs with a shorter body may struggle to get the right fit on the plate underneath.

  • High-quality construction for excellent durability
  • Nylon fabric under the harness ensures breathability
  • Sponge padding keeps your dog comfortable
  • Ideal for dog trainers and dog wakers looking to reduce pulling
  • Variety of colours and sizes to find the right fit for your dog
  • May be little complicated to put on and take off at first
  • Some dog owners may struggle to pick the right size

4. Rabbitgoo Tactical Vest (Best No-Pull)

Rabbitgoo Tactical VestThe best dog harnesses are often the ones that can help you to control and protect your dog on any walk. This Rabbitgoo tactical vest checked a lot of boxes during our dog harness reviews and research, thanks to its fantastic non-pulling design. If you’re looking for a no pull dog harness, this heavy-duty vest could be considered to be the best dog harness to stop pulling, with high-quality nylon material that helps to spread the pressure from your dog’s pulling through their body.


Practical and convenient, this no-pull dog harness is well padded to protect your pooch’s skin on any walk. The breathable fabric means you don’t have to worry about your dog’s comfort when walking during warmer days. This harness also comes with multiple connection points, so you can choose the best lead attachment for your needs.

The two lead attachment points on either side of your dog’s head help to stop pulling and give dog owners more control over extra large dogs. There’s even extra webbing at the chest plate area, combined with sponge padding. This step-in harness is easy to take off and put on, with a range of quick-release buckles and adjustable straps. Unfortunately, the straps of the harness can occasionally slip, you may also notice some issues with stitching quality.

  • No-pull harness great to keep your dog from pulling
  • Easy to put on and take off with step in harness design
  • Practical, with storage compartments for badges and water bottles
  • Multiple lead connection points
  • Allows for extra control over your dog
  • May not be suitable for some extra-large dog breeds
  • There might be some issues with stitching quality

5. RUFFWEAR Reflective (Best for Training)

RUFFWEAR ReflectiveThere’s more to successfully walking your dog with a high power harness than teaching them how to stop pulling. If you really want to kickstart your pooch’s obedience training, you can use this harness from RUFFWEAR, which helps to provide dog owners with more control over their four-legged friend, without causing discomfort on the dog’s back or neck.


With aluminium D ring connectors for your lead, the RUFFWEAR reflective training harness is available in various sizes suitable for different dog breeds. The 2 lead attachment points and reinforced webbing around the chest plate make this harness a great option to reduce strain on your dog’s chest.

Unlike some of the other collar and harness options on the market, there are four points of adjustment on this dog harness to ensure the right chest circumference for your dog. The bright harness also means that your dog walking harness is easy to see from a distance. Unfortunately, you may find that it’s difficult to find the perfect fit if you have an extra small dog. Additionally, the front adjustment points can slip occasionally.

  • Great harness option if you want to use your dog walk time for training
  • Good no pull dog harness reduces pressure on neck and chest
  • 2 lead attachment points for better control of your pooch
  • Reinforced structure around the chest
  • Doesn’t cause any discomfort for the dog’s back, chest and belly
  • Adjustment points can slip easily in some cases
  • Harness might not be the best option for your dog if you have an extra small breed

6. Eagloo No-Pull (Best Lightweight)

Eagloo No-PullAvailable in a variety of sizes to give you the perfect fit for your dog, this Eagloo no pull dog harness comes with a fantastic range of adjustment points, and 2 zinc alloy D-ring connectors for your lead. The extra durable D-rings spread the pressure out across your dog’s body, to reduce any risk of pain or discomfort while encouraging your pooch to stop pulling.


This adventure harness from Eagloo comes in a wide range of colours, with a structure that doesn’t put any stress on your four-legged friend’s spine or neck. If you’re looking for a no choke dog harness for a large or small dog this could be it. The design features a breathable mesh lining to keep your puppy comfortable through all seasons, too.

Easy to wear and adjust, the harnesses from Eagloo make walking your dog a breeze. You can easily take the harness off and on, using the adjustable straps to ensure the perfect fit. As a dedicated dog owner looking for the best dog supplies, you should also know that this harness features a range of high-quality materials too. One slight issue with this dog harness is that it can be difficult to get the perfect fit at first, particularly if your dog has a broad chest. The straps can also occasionally twist.

  • Excellent no-pull dog harness for simple training
  • Easy for any owner to apply or remove in minutes
  • Various sizes and colours to choose from for your dog
  • High-quality materials will stand the test of time
  • Mesh construction with extra padding keeps your dog happy
  • May not be the best dog walking harness for breeds with broad chests
  • The straps of the harness may sometimes twist and get tangled

7. Eagloo Adjustable Front Clip (Best for Smaller Pets)

Eagloo Adjustable Front ClipWhen you’re searching for the best puppy harness, you know you need something that’s durable, adjustable, and comfortable. The dog harnesses from Eagloo could have just the thing, with this front-clip product that features reflective, breathable and lightweight material. Suitable for smaller dogs and puppies, this is one of the best no-pull harness options around.


Ideal for any customer who wants to avoid causing any discomfort to their dogs, this non pull harness will help you to spread the pressure of a pulling dog out over the dogs’ chest to make walking as comfortable as possible. Plus, if you’re looking for dog car harnesses, this product comes with a strap that you can easily put a seat belt through too.

With a wide range of sizes from small to extra large, it’s easy to find an option that will fit around your dog’s back and stomach. Plus the 2 zinc D-ring connectors for your lead ensures you don’t have to worry about controlling your pooch. Keep in mind that the straps of this harness can easily come loose after a while. You may also have some trouble choosing the right size because of how this harness is made.

  • Range of colours and sizes to choose from
  • Suitable for small puppies and extra-large dogs
  • Loop for the seat belt in your car
  • Good no pull harness reduces pressure on your dog’s back
  • Easy access to the benefits of harness walking for beginners
  • Can be difficult to find the right size for some
  • Strap adjustments can come loose after a while

8. TrueLove TLH5651 Reflective (Best for Strong Pullers)

TrueLove TLH5651 ReflectiveIf you’re on the hunt for dog harnesses that can give you a more comfortable walking experience with your dog, then this could be the product for you. Another leader in our selection of the best dog harnesses UK companies can offer, the TrueLove TLH5651 reflective dog harnesses have it all. This handy dog harness comes with two attachment points for extra control, and to reduce the strain on your dog’s neck and chest.


One of the top contenders in our list of the best dog harnesses for modern pet owners and dog walkers, the Truelove harness can easily slip over your dog’s head and onto his back when you’re ready for a walk. The handle on the back means that you can lift your dog carefully over obstacles if you have an extra small pooch. You can even use the handle for attaching a seat belt.

Extra soft padding in the True Love dog harnesses will protect your pooch’s neck and back from discomfort. Plus, this harness also comes with extra double stitching for durable long-term strength. Make sure that you’re careful about measuring the harnesses before you buy one though, as the sizing can be a little confusing. Another possible issue you might have with this harness is that the material takes quite a while to dry when it gets wet.

  • Extra padding on the chest and stomach
  • Two attachment points for easier control
  • Harness works with a seat belt for car travel
  • Extra double stitching for long-term strength
  • Easy way to lift your dog
  • Can be difficult to get the right size
  • Harness may take a while to dry when wet

9. BARKBAY Heavy-Duty (Best Reflective Option)

BARKBAY Heavy DutyAn excellent alternative to the standard collar and lead combination for walking your dog, this BARKBAY heavy duty dog harness gives you all the control you need to keep your pooch safe and comfortable outside. This everyday over-the-head harness is easy to put on and it removes pressure from around your dog’s head and neck, too.


If you’re struggling to control your dog with a normal lead and collar, this over the head harness could be a great way to reduce pulling and keep your pooch comfortable. The benefits of the BARKBAY dog harnesses include everything from convenient nylon webbing over the chest to allow for better pressure distribution, to four unique adjustment points.

You can adjust the size of these dog harnesses to suit any pooch, and the harness is made with high-quality materials, to stand the test of time. There’s also a variety of colours to choose from, each with their own reflective lining for extra safety in the dark. Unfortunately, the sizes on these harnesses do run quite small, so be careful. Additionally, you might find that the material is a little heavy for smaller dogs.

  • Safer and more comfortable for your dog than a lead and collar
  • Easy to apply over-the-head harness
  • Reflective material keeps pooches safe at night
  • Extra nylon webbing around the chest for more durability
  • Great no-pull harness in a wide range of sizes
  • Sizes may run small – may not be suitable for extra large dogs
  • The materials can be a little heavy for smaller dogs

10. MOKCCI Truelove Soft (Two Attachment Option)

MOKCCI Truelove SoftReady to protect your dog from the standard discomfort of a wide range of collar and lead combos, this MOKCCI Truelove soft dog harness could transform the way you walk your pooch. This harness is designed with a scratch-resistant outer material and durable fabrics throughout, so you know it can stand the test of time. Nylon webbing allows for a breathable no pull harness any customer is sure to love.


One of the best dog harnesses around and designed to improve your dogs’ safety wherever you go on your next walk, this no pull dog harness from MOKCCI has a lot to offer. One of the best options if you’re looking for the most comfortable dog harness for your pup, these dog harnesses from MOCCI are lightweight and well padded. Extra cushioning in the dog harness around the chest and belly will keep your pooch in a great mood.

With multiple D-ring attachment points for your lead, you can control the way you exert pressure across your dog’s back and gain more control over extra large dogs. There’s even a variety of colours to choose from too. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get this harness tight enough on particularly slim dogs. You may also find that deep-chested dogs can’t really leverage the benefits of these dog harnesses.

  • High quality harness is made from durable materials throughout
  • Extra padding on the chest and belly for your dog
  • Allows for better control than a lead and collar
  • Nylon webbing for a more breathable walking experience
  • Scratch resistant outer material so your pooch looks great during your its regular dog walks
  • Harness may not be suitable for very slim dogs
  • Could be too small for deep-chested dogs

Choosing the Best Dog Harness for Your Pooch

Today’s dog harnesses come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit every need. Whether you’re looking for a dog harness that slips over your dog’s head in seconds, or an adjustable product with a range of bonus features like storage pockets, it’s important to think carefully about what you need.

The best harness for small dogs might not be the best dog harness for larger breeds. There are also various other points you’ll need to think about when looking at harnesses too. Below are some of them.

Comfort and Size

man walking petThe most important thing to consider when choosing your dog harness is how you can ensure that your pooch is going to be as comfortable as possible. Just like when you’re in the market for dog beds, dog leads, and pet carriers, choosing the right size is an important first step here. However, you’ll also need to consider the materials of the harness, and how much padding it has.

Many of the top harnesses come with extra padding around the chest, as this is where most of the tension will go when you’re using a double lead attachment system. Breathable material in your harness will also ensure that you can safely walk your dog in all weathers without making them uncomfortable. Be sure to check the fit regularly, as your dog could grow out of his harness.

Functionality and Practicality

A good dog harness needs to be easy to apply, remove and use. A functional harness needs multiple adjustment points so you can ensure that the fit is perfect for your pooch. Make sure that these extra adjustments don’t make it too difficult to apply the harness when you want to go out for a run, however. The most customisable harnesses won’t be much good if you never have time to use them.

When you’re examining the functionality of the dog harnesses available on the market today, think about what kind of things you might need when you’re caring for your dog. Is a loop that you can use to lift your smaller dog important for helping them to deal with obstacles? Do you need a way to attach a seat belt or extra storage pockets for water and treats?

Application and Extra Features

Pit Bull Terrier wearing safety vestMaking a dog harness easy to apply means ensuring that you can slip the material off and on in a matter of minutes. Find out how simple it is for you to put the right harnesses on your dog before you make your decision. Remember that some more complex harnesses might look like a good idea at first, but they may not be suitable if your dog won’t wear them.

You might want to reflect on what kind of materials your dog prefers to wear too, and if there are any additional features that might make these harnesses a perfect match for you. For instance, having reflective strips on your harness is a good idea if you regularly go for walks during the night.

Durability and Long-Term Use

Finally, a great dog harness is something that you should be able to use for years – or at least until your dog grows out of it. Make sure that the harnesses you consider are durable and resilient, with materials that can stand the test of time.

Picking the Best Dog Harness

Choosing the best dog harness UK companies offer can be tough, but with a little luck, this list of harness options has helped you to start narrowing down your options. Remember, the ideal dog harness for your pet depends on its size, personality, and needs. 

Our favourite harness choice right now is the Julius-K9 16IDC-C-0. This harness is made with reflective, highly-durable material that gives you absolute peace of mind whenever you’re out exploring. The breathable material is comfortable for your dog, and the harness protects against tugging too, making your adventures an enjoyable experience for you and your four-legged friend. What’s more, it is moisture-resistant and comes with nifty extras such as a flashlight holder.

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