Best E-Cigarette / Vape Pen Reviews UK 2023 – Which Is Right for You?

Last Updated On December 27th, 2021

Smoking cigarettes are easily one of the toughest habits to give up. That is until you read our list of the best e-cigarettes that the UK has to offer.

Replacing your standard cigarette with an alternative electronic smoking kit doesn’t necessarily seem like an ideal way to change your lifestyle at first glance. However, the more you learn about electronic cigarettes, which are also called vape pens, the more you’ll discover that an e-cig is one of the most effective and popular solutions for millions of ex-smokers around the world. Switching to vaping works better for most people rather than patches, pills, or even just going “cold turkey.”

Of course, there is one problem with the rising popularity of the vaping trend. If you decide that using electronic cigs is a better way to overcome your nicotine cravings, you’ll find hundreds of different vape products to choose from online. This means that finding the best vape pen in the UK can begin to feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

The good news? You don’t have to spend hours searching through new e-cigarette reviews or writing up pros and cons lists. We’ve scoured the internet and done the hard work for you so that you can find great vape pens, without the stress.

Our Favourite E-Cigarettes Compared

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Best E-Cigarette Reviews – Top 7 Picks

1. Vapour2 Pro Series 7 (Editor’s Choice)

Vapour2 Series 7Choosing the best e-cig in the UK means finding something that suits your preferences, lifestyle, and experience. The V2 Series 7 is one of the most popular vape options on the market because of its fantastic versatility. You can choose from a range of different mediums to get a more distinctive vaping fix with its two convenient replacement cartridges.


Whether you’re new in the vaping scene, or you’ve been relying on electronic cigs for months, one of the things you’re sure to love about this device is that the coils never combusts or burns your e-liquids. This means that you can avoid the horrible “burnt” taste that comes from other pens. However, you will notice the lack of any airflow controls or power settings in this device if you decide that you want to start adjusting your intake. What’s more, while the vapour performance is great for e-liquids, some say it doesn’t work as well for dry substances.

  • Versatile design for waxes, e-liquids, and herbs
  • Easy-to-load drop-in cartridges
  • Simple and convenient operation
  • Pass-through charging (use while charging)
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • No airflow control
  • Ideal for e-liquid (using other mediums can be a struggle)
  • Small vapour clouds

2. Vapour2 Pro Series 3 (Best for Herbs and Wax)

Vapour2 Series 3The V2 Pro Series 3 pen is one of the few electronic cigarettes on the market today that’s capable of delivering a smooth experience with e-liquids, dry herbs and waxes, without combustion. The Series 3 is the first in a line of Vapour2 products explicitly designed for vapers who want to switch between multiple mediums when getting their smoking fix.


One of the most compelling features of this vape pen is how easy it is to use. If you’re a beginner, you’ll love the way that the magnetic cartridges easily slot in and out. However, it’s worth noting that the pen can start to give off a strange smell after a while of consistent use. Additionally, the mouth-piece isn’t designed in the standard shape of a typical e-cigarette, so you might need some time to get used to it.

  • Vapes herbs without combustion
  • Compact pocket-friendly design
  • Customisable air flow
  • LED battery indicator
  • Pass-through charging
  • Takes a lot of maintenance
  • Limited options of OHM resistance coils
  • The conical mouthpiece may be strange and uncomfortable for some.

3. XEO VOID (Best for Sub-OHM Vape Functionality)

XEO VoidIf you’ve been looking for a vaping experience that can support both standard functionality and sub-ohm features, then the XEO VOID vape pen might be one of the best e-cigarettes the UK has to offer. A simple device with a highly compact design, the VOID comes with sub-ohm vaping compatibility, which is a rare treat in vapes of this price range.


Another thing worth noting about the XEO VOID vaporizer is how quick it is to fill the chamber. While other slimline pens can be fiddly, this feels very natural, even for a beginner. The main issue is that the battery doesn’t last as long as you might want. What’s more, the mouthpiece has a habit of heating up fast – so you’ll need to wait for it to cool down between sessions.

  • Reliable and slimline design (with added childproof lock)
  • Simple to use and fill with e-liquid
  • Great at preventing spillage in bags or pockets
  • Pretty substantial vapour clouds
  • Sub-ohm vaping coils for beginners
  • Mouthpiece gets hot very quickly
  • Air intake adjustment can be difficult to handle
  • The battery doesn’t last long

4. Series-S17 (Best for Beginners)

Series S17If this is your first time looking for an e-cigarette to replace your standard pack of cigarettes, then you can’t go wrong with the Series S-17 vape pen. This simple starter device is attractive, slim, and easy to use. What’s more, it comes with everything you need if you are new at vaping, including a 10ml e-liquid with a lot of flavours to choose from.


The Series-S17 kit is meant to be simple, so you don’t get any extra bells and whistles, but you also don’t have to deal with the complexity of other kits. All you have to do is charge it, press a button and vape. One issue to note is that the tank is small. You won’t be able to get a lot of e-liquid in here – but that might be better if you’re new at vaping anyway. Additionally, the battery isn’t as great as it could be, but again, you can always recharge your electronic cigarette when necessary.

  • Simple, intuitive functionality that’s ideal as a starter kit
  • Sleek design and high-quality build
  • Flavour and vapour are very good
  • Basic sub-ohm coils included
  • Rubber button can be temperamental
  • 900 mAH battery isn’t enough for heavy users
  • Non-removable drip tip
  • Tiny tank

5. OHM GO Kit (Best Vape Pen for Clouds)

OHM goIf you’re looking for the best vape pen that the UK has to offer when it comes to getting a natural yet high-tech experience, then the OHM GO vape kit is a great place to start your search. Designed by Apollo, the device comes with a self-adjusting battery to make sure that you’re getting the most out of every session. What’s more, the top-filling portal tank means that it’s quick to top-up your e-liquid on the go.


Complete with impressive functionality of Sub-OHM coils, the OHM GO Vaping kit gives you a top-of-the-range, easy-to-use, portable device. This could be a great starter pen for someone who wants to create some serious clouds. You can switch seamlessly between vaping styles, and use this capability to create a truly phenomenal performance.

  • Great starter pen for vapour cloud delivery
  • Impressive and elegant build
  • Highly portable with a no-slip grip
  • It’s quick to fill the tank with e-liquid
  • The auto-adjust feature is great for first-time users
  • The auto-adjust battery and power feature means you can’t control your vape if you want to.
  • Its tank is slightly smaller than most
  • Battery life could be bigger
  • Not as great for different flavours as some other e-cigarettes.

6. Authentic SMOK (Best for Flavour Profiles)

Authentic SMOKIf you’re looking for a vape pen with a generous e-liquid capacity, the Authentic SMOK Vape Pen is a good choice.


Offering a 2ml tank and high-quality 1650mAh battery, this electronic cigarette is suitable for beginners and experienced users alike. Its thick, cylindrical shape is comfortable to hold while vaping. The detachable design means you can easily take it apart for cleaning and maintenance.

As the battery voltage uses a direct output system, this means you can create thick, flavour-laden clouds with every puff. The vaping experience with this model is smooth and satisfying. You simply need to hold down the button on the body and inhale slowly to enjoy the taste of your favourite e-liquids.

When used correctly, the Authentic SMOK Vape Pen won’t burn your e-juice or disrupt the flavour. Be sure not to hold the button down for more than 5 seconds though. Otherwise, you run the risk of it becoming stuck. This button appears to be a weak point for this model, as some customers have found it is prone to failure with heavy use.

Complete with a micro-USB port and charging cable, this vape pen will reach a full charge in around an hour. Although, some frequent users have complained that the battery doesn’t last as long as they would like. You should also be careful not to store this vape pen when full of e-liquid, as the liquid tends to leak out when left standing.

These small inconveniences aside, we think the Authentic SMOK Vape Pen makes a solid choice for both newbie vapers and passionate users.

  • Large 2ml tank
  • High-quality 1650mAh battery
  • Easy to dismantle and clean
  • Produces thick clouds of vapour
  • Charges quickly
  • Leaks when left standing
  • Button is prone to failure with heavy use
  • Short battery life
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7. Red GS eGO II (Best for Kicking the Smoking Habit)

Red GSWant something compact and powerful to help you kick your smoking habit? Then we recommend checking out the RED GS eGo II 2200mAh E-Cigarette.


Boasting an impressive 2200mAh battery, this electronic cigarette may feel a little bulky to hold. However, it’s short enough to conceal in your hand during use, making it ideal for self-conscious vapers. The high-powered battery creates generous clouds of thick vapour to satisfy your cravings, while the built-in safety systems prevent the unit from overloading.

With a charging time of 4-6 hours, there’s no denying that the RED GS eGo II takes longer than other e-cigs to charge up. However, the battery life more than makes up for this. Hourly users will find the battery lasts them for around 24hrs, while less-frequent vapers can go for as long as three days before a recharge is required.

The remaining battery charge level is clearly displayed via the colour-coded LED indicator light. Hence, you’ll never get caught out when a craving hits. This model comes with a compatible USB charger. However, the battery thread is quite soft, so you may find that it wears down over time and needs replacing.

Overall, the impressive battery life of this vape pen makes it an excellent choice for intensive users or those who need an occasional puff to take the edge off of their nicotine cravings.

  • Short length makes it easy to conceal
  • Powerful 2200mAh battery
  • Great battery life
  • Colour-coded LED battery indicator
  • Comes with compatible charger
  • Feels bulky to hold
  • Battery thread is prone to wear
  • Takes a long time to fully charge

How to Choose the Best Vaporizer Cigarette in the UK

man with tobacco cigarettes and an electronic vaporizerAlthough some studies state that smoking e-cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes, finding the ultimate vape pen kit to help you overcome your craving for nicotine isn’t as easy as it seems.

As the market for e-cigarettes continues to grow at a break-neck pace, it’s difficult to keep up with all the different e-cig products entering the market. Even with the reviews we’ve offered above, you might find that you have some trouble figuring out what you need from your new electronic cigarette.

Here are some initial things to keep in mind when choosing the ideal vape kit.

1. Consider the Vaping Material You Will Be Using

When you’re looking for the best vape pen in the UK, the right e-cig will always be the one that’s well-suited to your lifestyle. Though most people use their electronic cigarettes for e-liquid, you might decide that you would like to try vaping legal concentrates, waxes, or dry materials.

There are plenty of e-cig pens out there that are designed to manage multiple mediums at once. However, you might find that you have to give up on other features like batteries, power or heat control in exchange for versatility. Whatever you vaping product you choose, make sure the chamber in your e-cig pen can be cleaned with ease.

2. Decide on the Battery Life You Need

person preparing to charge a vape penFrom electric toothbrushes to laser hair removal kits, so much of what we own is battery powered. This means that you could conveniently use them anywhere from a couple of hours to a few days. The e-cigarette is no different and that is why it’s a good idea to make sure that your vape has a battery that you can rely on. The last thing you want is to grab your e-cigarette out of your pocket after a hard day, vape, and find out that its batteries have no power.

Most of the e-cig devices on the market today are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Bigger batteries would often mean that your e cigarette pen will come with a larger body or bulkier design. If you want something you can carry in your pocket without anyone noticing, you might have to give up on a little bit of battery power. It’s also worth looking for a battery that can charge while you’re vaping your electronic cigarette. This is a feature called “pass-through” charging.

3. Check the Functionality of the E Cigarette Kit

Another critical point to keep in mind when looking for your vape kit is how easy it is to use. There are some e cigarette pens out there that are so incredibly simple. When it comes to smoking it, all you need to do is press a button and inhale. However, the more features you get on your e cigarette device like airflow and temperature control, the more complex they become. There are even some vaporizers on the market today that have touch-screens so you can manage all your preferences individually.

4. Choose the Design That Suits Your Style and Personality

Finally, it’s worth knowing that the best vape pen in the UK has a stable and reliable design. Some are made to look like a standard cigarette, while others look very high-tech. Always remember that the better the design is, the less likely it is that you’ll have to replace your electronic cigarette too quickly. Find an e-cig kit that can manage heat well and gives you a good vaping experience whenever you need a nicotine fix. It’s also helpful to find a pen that holds your e-liquids well. It should also be easy to fill and easy to clean. You don’t want to have to spend hours on maintenance every week instead of having fun vaping.

Finishing Thoughts

Vapour2 ProAs with most things in life, you’ll find that your choice for the best e-cigarette in the UK isn’t necessarily the same as everyone else’s. The kind of device that you need will depend on your preferences in everything from power, to cloud performance and even flavours.

For a well-balanced electronic cigarette, we recommend the V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer. It gives you a range of choices on the mediums you can use on your vape, and it’s easy to fill too. You’ll also find that you always get a smooth flavour profile because the V2 Series 7 never burns your e-liquids.

Have we missed your favourite e-cigarette on our list? Is there a vape kit you’d like to recommend? Are you a cigarette smoker that wants to try vaping for the first time? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. The problem I have incurred is finding a device which charges well. I’ve tried several including Smok Nord but the charging point is too fragile and breaks after 5 or 6 charges. I loved using it so was really disappointed that it would not recharge. Tried Joytech Ego Aio Eco, which only recharged twice. So please test devices for charging durability. My favorite old style was the Halo Aspire – one lasted me 2 years until the tank eventually cracked.

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