Are Electric Showers Safe?

Last Updated On March 18th, 2019

Have you ever heard of an electric shower? Yes, you probably have and you’re probably thinking of the same question almost everyone asks- “Are electric showers safe?”

We grew up knowing at the back of our minds that water and electricity must not cross their paths in any way. Given this a dangerous combination, there’s definitely no harm in asking this curious and serious question outright.

The straightforward answer? Yes, electric showers are perfectly safe if properly fitted in your bathroom.

Safe Electric Shower Operation

Electric showers heat cold water by means of a power source. It utilises no other than electricity, whereby the electric current is sent through a metal part called the heating element. This essential piece is a completely sealed unit, and that’s why it remains safe. The electric current flows through the protected element within safe grounds, such that it would not cause harm nor result to a shock. In short, no electricity actually comes into contact with the water that literally showers upon you and touches your skin.

An electric shower presents a great solution if you love hot showers. You’ll never run out of hot water, as well as all the people in your house who tend to shower one after the other. Water is heated right inside their own control box, and is accomplished right in time before a shower is due to be taken next. You can enjoy and relax with the peace of mind of the unit’s overall build and mechanism that promotes safety during use.

Why Use Electric Showers?

Aside from the convenience an electric shower brings by fulfilling your every whim any time of day, you gain potentially big savings on energy costs. Traditional boilers function in a way that it has to heat a whole tank of water. The water is basically heated in one place and is transported to shower lines through a series of pipes. Any water that’s left gradually cools and you can only imagine the energy that’s just been wasted in the process.

Electric showers work in an entirely different, safe and revolutionary way. It runs independently from a hot water system and operates directly off the main cold water supply, thus resolving low pressure problems so long as there is an adequate amount of water. If you opt for the electric type, both energy and resources are preserved since only the water you will use is heated up.

Your Safety Is A Priority

Electric showers are available in different kilowatt ratings to suit individual preferences. The higher it is, the better the hot water flow rate is to your satisfaction. It also arrives in a myriad of sizes, designs, models, colours and finishes. Once you’ve picked the perfect electric shower for your bath area, it is easy to install. Although, it’s best to have it installed or have your existing shower replaced by professionals. Seek the services of a registered electrician to handle new installations, or a plumber if it’s a like for like replacement for optimal safety within your property.

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