Are Exercise Bikes Noisy?

Last Updated On April 24th, 2016

The first thing many people will ask themselves when they’re thinking of purchasing an exercise bike is this: are exercise bikes noisy? Many people aren’t going to want to use exercise equipment that is going to be noisy throughout the duration of the workout. They might find that the noise just makes it so the workout isn’t worth it. Other people aren’t going to have the option to get noisy exercise bikes even if they could put up with the noise, since the sound would bother the people living in flats near theirs or the people living with them. Still, exercise bikes provide excellent workouts, so many people are going to conduct the necessary search in order to find the quietest exercise bikes that they can.

High Quality Exercise Bikes

People should know that not all exercise bikes are noisy. They’re exercise machines that involve a lot of intricate moving parts, so they’re still going to be noisier than a lot of other exercise machines. However, high-quality exercise bikes aren’t really going to make any sounds beyond the faint sound of a person turning the pedals. The loudness level of an exercise bike usually depends upon what the bike is using for resistance. Many older exercise bike models are going to use noisy belts for the sake of creating resistance, which means that they were noisy even when the bikes were new. However, many modern exercise bikes are going to use magnetic resistance instead.

Choosing a Quiet Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes that use magnetic resistance still aren’t going to be completely silent. Pedaling anything very quickly is going to generate some noise, and the faster that people pedal, the noisier it’s going to be. However, bikes that use magnetic resistance are still going to be much quieter than many of their competing older models.

People who are choosing between recumbent and upright exercise bikes are going to want to know which ones are quieter. They should know that it is possible to find quiet models with each type of bike. Once again, it depends more on the type of resistance that they use than on the orientation of the bike. It is also going to be possible for people to find great self-powered exercise bikes that are also quiet.


It is important to note that the noise level associated with an exercise bike is a very important feature for most customers, which means that manufacturers will usually let people know if a given exercise bike is quiet. It’s considered a very important selling feature. As such, people should always look for some mention of the noisiness of an exercise bike when they are reading through all of the different reviews. Customers will mention it if the bike is really noisy. They will also mention it if the bike is really quiet. Manufacturers aren’t going to mention it if the bike is noisy. They will mention it if the bike is quiet, or if the bike uses the very modern mechanism of magnetic resistance. It’s all a matter of evaluating the reviews correctly.

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