Best Folding Electric Bike Reviews UK 2023 – Which is Your Pick?

Last Updated On February 3rd, 2022

If you commute to work by car or public transport, you will be well aware of how much of your day is spent sitting down. Perhaps you have considered saving money and getting some exercise by cycling to work but have been put off by the thought of early morning exertion and finding somewhere to store your bike. Well, now there is a solution to these problems! This review will find the best folding electric bike for you.

Using a foldable electric bike offers convenience and speed without breaking into a sweat. These bikes can get you to your destination with much less effort than a regular bicycle, assisted by a battery-powered motor. And once there, it can be folded down into an easy-to-carry size and quick storage.

Best Folding Electric Bikes Compared

Best Lightweight
eelo 1885 Folding Electric Bike - WHITE
eelo 1885
36V, 250w, 7.8Ah battery
Max Distance
40 miles
16.5 kg
Best Lightweight
eelo 1885 Folding Electric Bike - WHITE
eelo 1885
36V, 250w, 7.8Ah battery
Max Distance
40 miles
16.5 kg

Top 10 Electric Folding Bike Reviews

So, which one should you buy? In this section, we examine the top 10 electric folding bikes, so you can be sure to get the right model for your needs!

1. ANCHEER Mountain 26-Inches (Editor’s Choice)

ANCHEER Mountain 26-InchesAn excellent all-rounder, the Ancheer Electric Bike can be used around town as well as out on the trail. This robust 26-inch electric bike can also be folded for easy storage at home or easy transportation in your boot, making it a great choice for days out and commuting alike.


The Ancheer has three working modes: you can use it as a normal pedal bike, an e-bike or pedal-assist mode. Its handy throttle design allows you to access extra power when you need it, for example, at traffic lights and junctions. Thanks to its 36V 8AH Li-ion battery and 250W motor, this e-bike has a 15-30 mile range and top speeds of approximately 15mph.

Double shock absorption makes for a comfortable ride, even if you are out on countryside trails. The 21-speed Shimano gear system makes this bike a good option for tackling steep gradients in normal mode. Plus, it comes complete with a mechanical front and rear disc brake system, an LED speedometer, headlight and horn.

As with most heavy-duty electric bikes, this one is fairly heavy, weighing around 22kg. While it has been designed for trail use, unfortunately, no mudguards are included, and you may find that the assembly instructions could be clearer.

  • 26-inch folding E-bike
  • 36V 8AH Li-Ion battery and 250W motor
  • 21 speed Shimano gear system
  • 15-30 miles range at 15mph
  • Double shock absorption
  • It can be fairly heavy
  • It may not come with mudguards
  • Assembly instructions could be clearer

2. Eelo 1885 (Best Lightweight)

eelo 1885If you are searching for a lightweight bike that you can fold and also has an electric motor assistance mode on a tough hill or mountain, the eelo 1885 PRO could be the e-bike for you.

At only 16.5kg, this is one of the lightest electric folding bikes we have seen, which makes it much more comfortable to carry on and off the train or up the stairs to your office.


This folding model is so lightweight because most of its structure is made of aluminium. Where other folding bikes would have used heavier steel, it has chosen this much lighter metal instead. Furthermore, the wheels are only 14 inches, much smaller than those often found on adult bikes.

But being unusually lightweight isn’t the only attractive feature of this bike. It is also very quick and effortless to fold. Quick-release clamps and pedals you can fold mean you can rapidly collapse it in as little as a few moments, without any unnecessary struggle or stress. The only downside is that there are no straps to secure the collapsed bike together, but users said it was rarely an issue for them.

This offers a 250-watt motor and powerful 36V 7.8 Ah battery which can provide up to an incredible 40-mile distance. It should be more than enough for most commuters to travel to work and back, but if not, the battery can be fully recharged within 4 to 6 hours in the office.

With regard to speed, this folding electric bike can take you to an impressive max speed of 15 miles per hour using the lever throttle. This is the limit allowed by UK law, so this bike will take you as fast as you can go! A useful LCD is situated on the handlebars, which shows the user’s current speed, battery life and outside temperature.

If you wish to ride at night, it has an integrated front LED light but lacks a rear light. These can be easily purchased separately should you require one.

  • Powered by 36V battry
  • Very lightweight
  • 40 miles range
  • LCD display
  • 15 mph max speed
  • With disc brakes
  • 4-6 hour battery charge time
  • With electric motor assistance mode
  • May not include a rear light
  • May have no pedal gears
  • Instruction manual could be basic

3. LANKELEISI G650 20-Inch (Luxury Choice)

LANKELEISI G650 20-InchThe Lankeleisi G650 20-Inch Folding Electric Bike is a powerful model that is a cut above your standard e-bike in terms of both looks and performance. At 20 inches, it’s still a good size, while its folding design makes it easy to transport it in your car boot.


Thanks to its 48V brushless motor, this electric bike is designed to provide enhanced power and longer-lasting durability for years of use. It has three working modes, use it as a normal bike or a full e-bike, plus you can also select from five levels of pedal assist. With a 30-50 km range, this e-bike makes a good choice for commuters and charges up in just five to eight hours.

The onboard LCD bike computer is packed with riding data and features, while the front fork benefits from suspension to ease you over speed bumps, curbs and potholes. Thanks to its seven-speed Shimano transition system, it’s easy to swap gears, while the front and rear disc brake system give you enhanced stopping power – ideal for busy streets.

Bear in mind that this e-bike ships with its battery sent separately, and the bike could be very heavy at 28kg in total. In the UK, to be classed as an electronically assisted pedal bike (EAPC), bikes must have a maximum power output of 250W, whereas this model comes in substantially higher at 400W.

  • 48V brushless motor
  • With a 30-50 km range
  • Shimano 7-speed transmission system
  • Front fork suspension system
  • 5-level pedal assist sensor
  • Battery may be shipped separately
  • Might be a bit on the heavy side
  • 400W output is over UK maximum power output for EAPCs

4. Windgoo 12-Inch Unisex (Best for Kids)

Windgoo 12-Inch UnisexMore of an e-scooter than an actual bike, if you are looking for a small and inexpensive alternative to an e-bike, the Windgoo Electric Bike could be just what you’re looking for.


Featuring 12-inch wheels and an aluminium frame, this model is compact and lightweight, ideal for apartment dwellers weighing just 15kg. Despite its small size and weight, it has a 15mph top speed with a range of 15 miles, making it a great choice for getting around town without sitting in gridlocked traffic.

The 36V 6Ah battery is long-lasting and, importantly, charges up in just two to four hours, so you have the option of charging it up fully at your destination. Use the throttle to increase or decrease your speed, or press the cruise control button to keep your pedal-less e-bike going at a constant speed. This model comes complete with a kickstand, front and rear lights, plus a horn.

Unlike actual e-bikes, bear in mind that as this model does not have any pedals, you won’t be able to switch to pedals if you run out of battery. Also, it only has a rear brake, and the frame itself does not fold, just the handlebars, although it is still very easy to store.

  • 15mph top speed and 15-mile range
  • 36V 6Ah lithium battery
  • Fast charging time 2-4hrs
  • Throttle and cruise function
  • Front and rear lights
  • May not include pedals
  • May be rear disc brake only
  • Only the handlebars may be folded
No products found.

5. Speedrid 26-Inch Mountain (Best with 150kg Limit)

Speedrid 26-Inch MountainAre you looking for an electric mountain bike? This model by Speedrid makes an excellent choice for the money. Powerful, heavy-duty and stylish, it is suited to weekends on the trail, as well as providing you with a comfortable and secure ride for your city commute.


The Speedrid electric mountain bike has a 250W brushless motor for more power, longer durability and reliability. The top speed is 15mph, and thanks to the 36V 8Ah battery, you get a range of between 25-50 miles depending on your gradient, speed and power mode. Its charging time takes six to eight hours.

This 26-inch bike features a 21-speed transmission system for mountain biking, mechanical front and rear disc brakes and double suspension for a more comfortable ride. The handlebar height and angle can be adjusted to better suit your riding style, while the whole bike can be folded for storage or transportation.

This electric mountain bike is heavy at 27kg, so it may be less suitable if you’ll need to lift it up and down the stairs frequently. Bear in mind that assembly can be fairly time-consuming for this model. And, you may wish to change the saddle to a more comfortable one depending on your preferences.

  • 250W brushless motor
  • 15mph speed with a 25-50 mile range
  • 36V 8Ah lithium battery
  • 6-8 hour charge time
  • 21-speed transmission system
  • May be a bit heavy
  • The saddle could be more comfortable
  • Assembly can be time-consuming

6. VIVI 20-Inch 36V (Best for Students)

VIVI F20 36VThe ViVi F20 Folding Electric Bike is a good choice for city dwellers. Thanks to its 20-inch wheels and folding frame, it’s an ideal size for your urban commute that can be easily stored in your boot, office or home.


Powered by a high-speed, brushless motor, this 20-inch e-bike has been designed to last. Its high-strength fork suspension adds extra comfort even over bumpy road sections, while the seven-speed gear transmission system helps you boost your ride. With a top speed of 25km/h and a range between 35-60 km, this electric bike is a great option for daily use.

With an integrated battery design, this bike instantly looks more stylish, and you won’t have to worry about fixing your heavy battery into place with ties. What’s more, it has two charging methods, and thanks to its intelligent electronic control system, you can charge it up fully in just four to five hours. You can adjust the handlebars and saddle to suit your height for extra comfort.

On the downside, this e-bike is fairly heavy for a 20-inch model, weighing approximately 23.5kg. Also, the assembly instructions could do with some improvements.

  • Easy to store 20” folding e-bike
  • Up to 25km/h maximum speed
  • Frame-integrated 36V 8Ah lithium battery
  • Range: 35-60 km
  • High-speed brushless motor
  • Assembly instructions could be improved
  • Could be a bit heavy at 23.5kg

7. BIKFUN 20-Inch with Removable Battery (Best Safety Features)

BIKFUN 20-Inch with Removable BatteryAnother great 20-inch e-bike, this model by Bikfun has a 48V 250W motor, making it durable, reliable and eligible to be classed as an EPAC. You can use it on UK roads without a special licence, tax or insurance.


Thanks to its foldable frame, this electric bike is easily stored or transported in the boot of your car. Its superior 10Ah lithium battery gives it a good 30-60 km range with a top speed of 15.5mph. The front suspension system makes for a more comfortable ride, even on roads in poor condition, while the seven-speed Shimano gear system allows you to adapt your ride to the terrain.

Front and rear disc brakes enable you to brake quickly and securely when needed, while front and rear lights ensure greater safety on early morning or late evening commutes. The rear pannier rack is a useful addition, making it easy to transport even fairly bulky items on your bicycle without wearing a backpack.

Unfortunately, the instruction booklet with this model is very poor with faded images and incomplete instructions, plus the throttle is not pre-installed. You may also find that the buttons to alter the pedal assist levels are fairly small and a little fiddly to press.

  • 10Ah frame-integrated lithium battery
  • 7-speed transmission
  • 48V 250W brushless motor
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Front suspension system
  • Instruction booklet may be poor
  • May have fiddly buttons for altering power assist levels
  • Throttle may not come pre-installed

8. DERUIZ 20-Inch (All-Terrain Choice)

DERUIZ 20-InchThe Deruiz Folding Electric Bike has plenty of power, good range, is comfortable, and easy to use. As a 20-inch folding e-bike, it is also effortless to store, and you can even transport it in your car’s boot for countryside bike rides.


Thanks to its 48V 13Ah battery, this electric bike has a great range of 45-75 km/h for longer trips and less frequent charging. The battery can be charged over 800 times and takes between five to seven hours to charge fully, which is good considering its extra capacity.

The four-inch-thick fat tyres make this 20-inch electric bike very comfortable and ensure excellent grip on all types of terrain. It has reliable front and rear disc brakes and seven-speed Shimano gears to allow you to give your ride a boost and tackle gradients more effectively. This model also comes with a large waterproof display screen, lights and a rear pannier rack for securely transporting your possessions.

At 32.9kg, it is also heavier than most others, and its powerful 500W output is well over the 250W maximum output in the UK for electrically assisted pedal cycles.

  • 20” folding e-bike with 4” fat tyres
  • Long-lasting 48V 13Ah battery
  • 3.5-inch display
  • Shimano 7-speed gears
  • Rear pannier rack
  • 500W – may be over UK’s maximum output for EAPCs
  • May be on the heavy side at 32.9kg
No products found.

9. BIKFUN 4.0 Fat Tire (Best for Bumpy Roads)

BIKFUN 4.0 Fat TireAnother 20-inch electric bike with powerful fat tyre, this Bikfun model features a high-speed brushless motor and four-inch-thick tyres, making it a great ride over any bumps in the road. Its foldable frame offers easy storage and transportation.


Thanks to its seven-speed Shimano gear system, you can use this bike on all terrains, and you can adjust your gears for an extra boost to your commute. If you are using it in pedal-assist mode, you can select five different speeds to give you just the right amount of assistance.

The 48V 12.5Ah removable lithium-ion battery gives you an excellent 30-60 mile range with this e-bike, so you can easily travel long distances without having to worry about recharging. A large LCD lets you know your battery levels at all times. Plus, this model comes with a throttle, horn, front and rear disc brakes, and lights.

At 29kg, it is fairly heavy, and its charge time is longer than most other models at between eight to ten hours.

  • 48V 12.5Ah battery
  • Shimano 7 speed gears
  • 30-60 miles range
  • 20” x 4” fat tyres
  • 5-level pedal assist speed selection
  • Could be a bit heavy at 29kg
  • May take 8 hours charge time

10. ANCHEER 2019 Upgraded (Best Value)

ANCHEER 2019 UpgradedIf you’re looking for an e-bike for commuting, the ANCHEER 2019 Upgraded Electric Mountain Bike is another excellent choice.


With a generous range of up to 15-30 miles per charge, this electric bike is perfect for travelling to and from work. The 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery charges fully in 4-6 hours. Thus, you can be confident you’ll have enough juice to get you home after a day in the office.

With a 21-speed Shimano shifter, the ANCHEER 2019 Electric Mountain Bike has plenty of options for all terrains. Do you need a boost to help you up that dreaded hill? Simply increase the speed to take the strain off your legs. Also, riding in the dark is made much safer, thanks to its bright LED headlight. What’s more, there’s an integrated horn to ensure your fellow motorists are made aware of your presence.

In terms of design quality, the frame of this e-bike is constructed from premium steel, with the front suspension fork made with high-carbon steel for strength and durability over rough ground. Dual disk brakes coupled with rear suspension provides a comfortable ride on uneven surfaces. Hence, you can arrive at your destination without aches or pains.

Foldable and portable, you shouldn’t have trouble storing this bike in the office or at home. However, at 27kg, it is quite heavy. Therefore, if you lack upper body strength, you may opt for a lighter alternative.

Overall, this foldable bike is worthy of consideration for day-to-day use, but it does have a few downsides. Some people have complained that the battery lasts a little more than a year. However, this could be due to heavy use or irresponsible charging practices. Furthermore, this bike is delivered partially assembled. While the manufacturer claims it is easy to complete the assembly yourself, many people struggled to do this without assistance.

  • 30-mile range on a single charge
  • 36V battery charges up in 4-6 hours
  • Shimano 21-speed shifter
  • LED headlight and horn
  • Double suspension and dual disk brakes
  • Could be quite heavy at 27kg
  • Assembly instructions may be difficult for inexperienced users
  • Some users complained their batteries failed after a year

Benefits Of Folding Electric Bikes

Now that we’ve seen some of the best e-bikes on the market, let’s look at the benefits of owning and riding a folding electric bike.

Health & Fitness

It’s no secret that most of us need to get more exercise. In today’s society, we are becoming increasingly sedentary, wreaking havoc upon our health and overall susceptibility to disease later in life.

Riding is an effective form of cardiovascular exercise to strengthen the heart, lungs, lower body and burn calories. Therefore, some people use exercise bikes to cycle their way to losing weight or building muscles. Now wouldn’t it be great to incorporate cycling into your daily regime via your commute? This is a great way to meet the recommended exercise goals without needing to take time out of your schedule.

Of course, not everyone can cycle for long distances or up steep inclines. It’s maybe due to lower fitness levels, age or restrictive conditions such as arthritis. Therefore, it is in these circumstances that folding electric bikes are of the most benefit.

Folding e-bikes enable less confident or less able users to enjoy the health benefits of riding without needing to worry about getting too tired. Thanks to the electric motor assistance mode, hills and long distances become much easier. Thus, it enables the user to build their fitness level over time while also taking a break when they need to.


One of the most attractive benefits of a foldable electric bike is the convenience and portability it offers.

No longer will you need to struggle to get your e-bike onto the train or find somewhere secure to store it outside the office. You simply collapse the frame down into an easy-to-carry size, which can be effortlessly stored under your desk, in the boot of your car, or in the luggage compartment on a train or bus.

Environmentally Friendly

 folded bike on a fenceIn the United Kingdom, road transport accounts for the greatest percentage of greenhouse gas emissions per year, with 67% of commutes being undertaken via car or van.

The distance of an average daily commute in the UK is only between 5 and 10 miles. Bicycles are a great alternative to using a car for relatively short trips. However, cycling is one of the least used modes of transport to work.

It is likely because many people perceive cycling as taking too much effort, and they do not want to arrive at the workplace sweaty and need to change their clothes.

However, riding an electric bike that you can fold offers a solution to these concerns. Electric bike users do not need to expend as much effort as those who ride regular bikes and reach higher speeds with less exertion. This means arriving at your workplace on time, without feeling exhausted and sweaty.

How To Choose a Folding Electric Bike

After reading all the incredible benefits of using an e-bike you can fold, you are probably about to grab your wallet and rush out to buy one.

But wait! Before you do that, let’s take a look at the qualities of the best e-bike that UK riders search for when purchasing.


Just like when you’re choosing an electric scooter,  one of the most important considerations when in the market for  a folding electric bike will be how small the final collapsed size is. If you want to store the bike under your desk or in a small flat after riding, you will want to make sure that it is compact enough for your storage space. Otherwise, it will not be as convenient as you would have hoped.

Furthermore, you should check out how easy the electric bike is to fold. Some models can be quickly folded in a matter of seconds, while other folding bikes are a little more complex. If you are going to be folding your bike multiple times a day, it will soon get tiresome if you find the process a struggle.


Because electric bikes require a battery and a motor to function, they are naturally heavier than a standard bicycle. Also, the mechanics required to enable them to fold can contribute further weight.

As you are likely to be carrying your e-bike most days that you use it, you should pay close attention to the weight of each folding electric model you are considering. Some models can weigh more than 25kg, which can be quite tiring after a long day at work.

Battery Power

a girl with her bicycleBattery power and range per charge is a crucial consideration when choosing the ideal electric bike for your needs. After all, it won’t be much use if you cannot make it to your desired destination without running out of power.

Of course, electric bikes can still function as regular bikes if necessary, but this negates the purpose of having one if the battery doesn’t last as long as required. All models will have varying ranges depending on the size of the battery they use. The maximum range will also be affected by the users’ weight and the amount of pedalling. Also, the terrain you are cycling on, whether a flat land or a mountain, affects battery power.

Furthermore, you should consider how long the battery will take to recharge. Some batteries can be fully charged within a few hours, while other folding bikes will need longer.

Ride Comfort

If you are going to ride every day, you will want to ensure you will be using the best folding electric bike that is comfortable for you.

One of the aspects to consider is the size of the wheels. Whilst smaller wheels make for a more compact folded bike, they also contribute to a bumpier ride. Moreover, smaller wheels will also mean you have to use more power to achieve the same speed as a bike with larger wheels.

Additionally, the quality of the seat and durability of handlebars are important. Some other folding models will include genuine leather seats, which are well-padded, and high-quality materials on the handle grips for maximum ride comfort. If you are covering many miles a day, you will certainly be grateful for these features in the long run.


Easy to use, fun and convenient, plus cheaper than running your car; if you haven’t tried out an electric bike yet, then it’s time to. The best electric bike in the UK has to be the ANCHEER 26-Inc Mountain Electric Bike.

Stylish, robust and excellent value for money, this 26-inch e-bike boasts a 21-speed Shimano gear system, double shock absorption, a 15-30 mile range and a 36V 8Ah Li-Ion battery. In short, it has all of the features that you need to enjoy bike riding with the least amount of effort.

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