Karcher K2 Review 2021 – How Compact Is This Pressure Washer?

Last Updated On December 28th, 2020

When I first had my garden landscaped with a patio and raised decking area, it was a really fantastic looking place to spend time relaxing, chatting with friends and enjoying family BBQs. However, when summer ended, I didn’t pay much attention to the garden. Following a cold winter and a wet spring, I was shocked to see how unattractive everything looked. In this K2 pressure washer review, I will share with you how helpful this compact pressure washer was in making my garden look new again.

There were moss and grime on the patio and the decking had become various shades of green and brown. As the weather improved, I wanted to start enjoying my outside space again – but was frankly embarrassed to have any friends over with it looking so grungy. As a result, I spent two days trying to hose down the furniture and scrubbing the patio to get it back to its former glory. This was a really unpleasant task that left me aching all over and vowing never to let my garden get in such a state ever again!

It was only then I realised that the Karcher K2 compact pressure washer could have gotten this job done in a fraction of the time and effort. So, if your garden is looking worse for wear, I hope to help you learn from my mistakes. Read on and find out how a pressure washer could help you to revitalise your patio, decking and garden furnitures in a flash!

The Karcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer Review

K2 CompactThe Kärcher K2 is a small, easy-to-store power washer. Thanks to its reduced size, you are less likely to find it’s in your way and it is much easier to fit into smaller spaces when not in use.

In spite of its compact size, this pressure washer is fairly powerful. In fact, it can provide up to 50% greater power than standard high-pressure lances.

This is in part thanks to its 1,400 Watt air-cooled motor and its one-way power lance. It also comes complete with a dirt blaster nozzle for a more powerful clean, a 4-meter high-pressure hose, and onboard storage space to keep any Karcher compatible accessories in hand.

The Kärcher K2 compact pressure washer is ideal for you if you are looking for something to intensively clean small areas, such as decking, patios, or paths – with its 360 l/h flow rate.

However, if you are looking for something to clean much bigger areas, you may be better off with a larger-sized pressure washer.

Features & Benefits of The Kärcher K2 Compact

This K2 compact pressure washer is clearly essential to have around the house. Let’s look into what makes the Kärcher K2 so great.

1. Dirt Blaster

The K2 compact pressure washer features a dirt blaster nozzle for improved results. This powerful rotating nozzle uses a rotary pencil jet which ensures that this compact model is up to 50% more powerful than other standard size pressure washers used alone with high-pressure lances.

The K2 blaster nozzle is a feature that enables you to remove stubborn stains and weathered-on dirt or moss. This feature is, in particular, ideal for outdoor patios and driveways and will restore them to their previous dirt-free shade. It is also useful for problem areas that require more intense cleaning, such as a build-up of moss on your decking.

Using the Karcher blaster nozzle allows you to increase the intensity of the K2’s performance and its cleaning power. The nozzle can be stored directly upon the unit itself so that you will have it ready for use in hard-to-clean areas.

2. One-Way Lance

The Karcher K2K2 one way lance patio cleaner comes complete with a useful and durable one-way lance. The lance ensures a constant high water pressure throughout your clean, helping to provide you with maximum results from start to finish.

The one-way lance is suitable for cleaning the majority of surfaces and it can be useful to restore the beauty of your wooden decking or to bring your driveway back to life. It is also useful for washing off your garden furniture before its first use of the season after storage.

Powerful, yet less concentrated than the K2 blaster – the one-way lance is essential in providing you with a thorough, continuous clean. It can be stored upon the body of the K2 patio cleaner for easy access and storage.

3. Pressure Switch Control

The K2 patio cleaner’s pressure switch control ensures that the motor only runs as and when you need it. The pressure switch control in the trigger gun starts and stops the motor when you press or release the K2’s trigger.

This automatic start/stop motor helps to reduce the K2’s energy consumption, which also reduces the cost of your electricity bill. When you’re cleaning your patio, decking or garden furniture, you’ll frequently need to stop and start cleaning to move plant pots, objects and other hindrances. Having the automatic start/start motor enables you to navigate these obstacles with ease and allows you to clean more efficiently, without wasting energy.

Another important point to note is that by cutting the motor, the noise produced by the K2 is at zero for large periods of time while allowing you to easily restart. This reduction in noise pollution is great for urban houses with small exteriors as there are often neighbours living nearby. This could make this model a more preferable choice for you if you happen to live in a relatively built-up area.

4. Detergent Suction Tube

The K2 patio cleaner features a detergent suction tube, allowing the pressure washer to draw detergent directly from an attached container. This can be useful when trying to clean your terrace and outdoor furniture as it can help to achieve a more thorough clean when combined with high-pressure.

The detergent suction tube allows the unit to draw the detergent simultaneously with water. This allows you to much more effectively clean your exterior than simply squirting some cleaning product then spraying with the washer. The mixture combined with high-pressure will clean your patio much more efficiently and effectively.

It can also be useful for use on areas where hygiene is of more importance such as an exterior dining table, or children’s outdoor furniture, to ensure any traces of potentially dangerous mould or bacteria are removed.

That said, it is very easy to knock the detergent bottle over during use as it is not secured or attached to the K2 as seen in other models. Therefore, you’ll have to be careful where you’re stepping to avoid spilling and wasting your detergent.

5. Compact Size

The K2 man using a pressure washer on stoneshas been designed to provide the cleaning power of a larger pressure washer in a reduced more compact size without compromising upon performance. Often, when you need a pressure washer for a small exterior, the chances are that you may have little in the way of storage space.

The K2’s size allows you to store it in a greater number of places, meaning that even if you thought you couldn’t find space for a conventionally sized one to clean your patio, you probably can store the K2.

With its onboard storage solution, the K2 patio cleaner won’t clutter up your space with accessories and its power cord giving you more space to store other essentials whilst ensuring that you have everything to hand when you decide to use it to clean your home’s exterior.

6. Built-In Water Filter

The Kärcher K2 Compact comes with a built-in filter as standard. This helps to protect the two main, essential components – the pump and the motor against damage. This helps to ensure a longer product lifespan and means that when you are ready to go and clean your patio area, the K2 is also ready to go.

Over time, fine particles can build up, clogging your pump and bringing your pressure washer to a standstill. Thanks to the K2’s fine mesh filter, particles such as those found in hard water are filtered and kept out of the washer’s vital components.

7. Harvested Water Source Compatible

The K2 patio cleaner is compatible with harvested water sources that make use of gravity.

As clean, drinkable water becomes an increasingly scarce commodity around the globe, it is more important than ever to collect rainwater to help relieve pressure on already stretched resources.

By using your water butt rainwater reserve to pressure wash your home exterior, you don’t only have the option to help the environment and cut down on your bills. This also enables you to wash down your outdoor entertainment area in summer weather when hosepipe bans are more likely to be enforced.

8. Ergonomic and Lightweight

The K2 patio cleaner only weighs 4kg, which is perfect if you dread the thought of hauling a heavy piece of cleaning equipment around your patio. Because it weighs so little, it should be suitable for use over long periods by all but the frailest of individuals.

Furthermore, both the body and the trigger gun are ergonomically designed to prevent fatigue and discomfort in the user.

The trigger gun is comfortable and balanced for the hands and wrists, so you are unlikely to feel like you need to take a break before you’ve finished the job. Also, when it comes to packing the K2 patio cleaner away, there is a conveniently located, easy-grip carry handle on the top of the unit. This serves as an easy method of transport and can be detached for effortless storage – although some Karcher K2 basic reviews complained it comes loose easily.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers person cleaning a bike using a pressure washerare extremely useful when you need powerful and efficiently clean results. You would typically purchase it to clean the exterior of your home, including your driveway, patio or decking.

Although pressure washers can be an excellent choice for washing weathered, moss-covered paths, if you want to clean your car or your roof – you may be better off looking at safer, less abrasive possibilities. This is because many power washers can be too strong and could cause damage. That said, plenty of people do use lower settings when washing their cars with pressure washers.

Power and Water Supply

Before purchasing a power washer, you must bear in mind that you will only be able to use it in areas where you can plug it in and have a water supply available.


You also need to consider what kind of materials you’re looking to clean and if they run any risk of being ruined. Pressure washers can damage car paint when the wrong settings are used.

Area Covered and Pressure Intensity

There are many different models to choose from. When you’re selecting a pressure washer, you’ll need to consider what size area you want to use it for and the water pressure or flow rate you’re likely to need to get the results you desire.


You should also consider where you will be storing your pressure washer.  As they are not an item that the average household uses on a weekly basis, it makes sense not to acquire one that takes up a large amount of space if you don’t have a lot of storage.


I hope that my woman cleaning a showelK2 compact pressure washer review has helped you to make an informed decision about which pressure washer you should buy to improve the appearance of your outside space.

Its compact yet powerful design makes it a good choice for many people looking for a pressure washer that they can easily store without cluttering up their house.

The powerful blaster nozzle, one-way lance, and 4-metre high-pressure hose also ensure that you have the powerful clean that you need to refresh your tired-looking home exterior. Furthermore, convenient features such as the detergent suction tube enhance this product’s capabilities in a simple-to-use fashion.

Overall, if you need to smarten up the outside of your house, your patio, car or garden fixtures – the Karcher K2 Compact Pressure Washer could be just what you need.

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  1. I purchased a K2 from Halfords at Marsh Mills, Plymouth on 6th March 2017. After 2 years and 2 months of light use it expired on 15th May 2019. Karcher are offering £25.00 off a replacement, which I regard as wholly inadequate.
    Needless to say, I shall not be buying from them again.

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