Karcher K7 Review 2021 – What Can This Pressure Washer Do?

Last Updated On December 28th, 2020

I used to be ashamed of my garden. It was dirty, grungy and uninviting, with discoloured paving slabs and moss-covered walls. It looked so horrible that I simply couldn’t enjoy it, and would often sit and stare out the window at the mess, longing to spend bright summer evenings on the patio. That was before I discovered how helpful pressure washers are. When my friendly neighbour finally took pity on me and lent me his Karcher pressure washer, I was literally blown away!  With just one try, all the muck, moss and mildew was obliterated in a matter of minutes, leaving a gleaming patio which looked freshly laid. I could hardly believe my eyes – my outside space has a new lease of life! Now, I can enjoy my garden all year round, safe in the knowledge that cleaning and maintaining my outside space doesn’t have to be a chore, and neither should yours. In this K7 pressure washer review, we take a look at all there is to know about this product – so you can decide whether it is the best option for your home.

The Karcher K7 Full Control Plus Review

The Kärcher K7 Karcher K7Premium Full Control Plus Home is a pressure washer which promises to combine ease of use with powerful cleaning capabilities. It comes complete with a 3-in-1 multi-jet lance, additional T450 patio cleaner and a bottle of stone and facade detergent as standard.

This product from Karcher offers much higher power options, LED display controls and a much longer hose than the previous models in the range.

When compared with the Karcher K4; the Karcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus offers an additional 30 bar of pressure, and a further 180 l/h water flow – making it one of the most powerful when compared to other pressure washers on the market.

The Karcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus is a great option for you if your garden or any outside space is in need of some serious, high-powered cleaning.

However, with such extraordinary pressure on offer, it may be too intense for more delicate surfaces and some paintwork. So you’ll need to try it out first and use caution to avoid causing any damage to car paint and such in higher settings.

Features & Benefits of The Karcher K7

This K7 review also talks about what makes it a great full control power washer. Let’s discuss it more in detail.

1. No Assembly Required

The first thing you will notice is how incredibly easy this pressure washer is to set up. By “set up”, we mean just opening the box. The unit is ready to go from the moment you unpack it, without any frowning at the instruction manual required.

The only thing you’ll have to do is connect the body of the pressure washer to a water source and attach the lance. This is so simple; it shouldn’t take any longer than about 3 minutes.

Clearly, this is a huge bonus as I’m sure you’ll appreciate how frustrating it can be getting your shiny new gadget home and then having to spend hours struggling to assemble it.

2. Simple To Operate

The Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus may have lots of settings, but the addition of an LED display on the trigger gun means it is simple to use, even for a beginner.

This LED display clearly shows the current pressure/detergent level out of the three available and gives you advice on where this should be used. The levels can be easily adjusted by pressing the +/- buttons on the handle of the trigger gun. These are located close enough to be easy to reach, but not too close so that you can accidentally hit them.

One of the great things about this LED display feature is that it helps you to select the best, and safest, pressure setting for the surface being cleaned. After all, you want to leave your garden furniture looking good as new, not worse than it did before you started.

That said, there may be a few seconds before the setting changes take effect – so be aware of this if you are moving to more delicate surfaces.

3. 3-in-1 Multi-Jet Lance

This is the star person using a pressure washer to clean a chairfeature of Kärcher K7 Premium model. Essentially, this lance is helpful as it gives you access to 3 nozzles right at your fingertips; a standard flat jet nozzle or Vario lance setting, a tough, rotary “dirt grinder” nozzle and a detergent dispensing nozzle.

The best thing about this 3-in-1 multi-jet is that it completely eliminates the need for continual changing of attachments. Instead of switching to another nozzle when moving to clean a different surface, all you need to do is twist your wrist to change the setting.

This makes it super-easy and quick for you to try and go from cleaning soft surfaces like fencing and wood to harder surfaces like paving and brickwork, without any annoying interruptions.

4. Included T450 Patio Cleaner

As great as the lance is, there are undoubtedly occasions when you don’t want to spend too much time cleaning your patio or other larger areas. This is where the handy Karcher T450 patio cleaner comes in.

Included alongside the main unit as standard, this patio cleaner can be very effective on your grungy paving slabs. The pressure can also be adjusted depending upon how delicate the surface is, so if you were to use this on decking you could simply turn it down a notch.

The pointed front makes it really easy to get into tricky corners and up close to the edges, so you shouldn’t be left with any uneven patches once you have finished.

The patio cleaner can even be used to clean over gravel surfaces thanks to a protective grille – which is certainly a better option than potentially blasting your gravel all over the place with the lance nozzle. Furthermore, it features a nifty handle so you can clean vertical surfaces such as walls if you want to, which is certainly a nice option to have.

5. Long Hose

The Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home comes with a generous 10 m long hose and a hose reel. This is 2m longer than the previous model.

Having such a long hose is very convenient, and if you have a medium-sized garden there is unlikely to be an occasion where you won’t have enough reach. Therefore, unless you have an unusually large garden, you shouldn’t have any issues here.

Some customers complained the hose is a little stiff, but this should become more flexible with use.

6. Manoeuvrable Yet Stable

Even though K7 pressure washerthe hose is a great length, should you need to move the unit around, this is surprisingly painless to do considering its 18kg weight.

Two large wheels underneath the main body of this pressure washer and a telescopic handle make transporting it from place to place easy. In fact, you’re unlikely to need to lift the pressure washer again after removing it from the box as it is simple to wheel about. That said, there is a handle at the base to help you lift it should you need to.

Another impressive factor is how stable the Karcher K7 Premium Full Control pressure washer is, considering the wheeled base, long hose and how much it weighs.

This stability is due to a specially designed guidance system for the hose and a wide foot plate. When combined, this creates a low centre of gravity which leads to a sturdy design. Therefore, this makes it a good choice if you have been put off by cumbersome and unstable pressure washers in the past.

7. High Pressure/Water Flow

Offering an incredible 160 Bar of water pressure and a flow rate of 10 litres per minute; there’s little that the Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus won’t be able to handle.

This makes it one of the best choices if you have some tough cleaning to do, such as a seriously neglected brickwork or driveway which has lost its colour over a number of years. The unit is so powerful that you should be able to clean up to 60 square metres in as little as an hour – saving you much time and effort.

On the downside, this pressure washer will consume a lot of water when in use.

8. Plug-N-Clean System

When it comes to outdoor cleaning, there will be occasions when high-pressure water is simply not enough. In these cases, adding detergent to the mix can help you get the job done much faster and with brighter results.

The Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control offers an easy-to-use “Plug n Clean” system. This allows you to simply place a bottle of plug-in detergent upside down in the socket and get on with the task at hand without any fuss.

A bottle of Karcher plugin stone and facade detergent is often included with the K7 as standard, so you can start attacking that filthy area right away.

What Is A Pressure Washer?

Pressure washers uising a pressure washer to clean concrete floorare a fantastic way to make short work of dull paving slabs, moss-covered furniture and muddy vehicles.

If you suffer from any of these issues, not only do they make for an unattractive environment, but cleaning them up by hand can be a long and arduous task. Using a pressure washer instead can help you achieve bright, gleaming results which look as good as new in a fraction of the time and effort.

However, even though pressure washers are very helpful devices, they are not suitable for everyone.

What To Consider Before Buying A Pressure Washer

Surface To Be Cleaned

You’ll need to try to assess the type of surfaces you are going to be using the pressure washer on. A product may be too powerful for delicate furniture, paintwork or washing a car so you may have to choose a gentler cleaning solution in such cases.

Water And Power Source

By their very nature, pressure washers will require close access to a water and power source during use. If you do not have any nearby, you may find you will struggle to use it effectively.


You should also consider the weight, portability and size of the pressure washer before purchasing. Many models are bulky and heavy, which can understandably cause issues if you have mobility problems and little storage space.


I hope that this person washing the doorwayKarcher pressure washer review has helped you to see how using this pressure washer is a great way to clean up your outside spaces and bring them back to their best.

The convenient and easy to use 3-in-1 lance makes switching between nozzles a breeze, while the super high-powered pressure options and plug and clean system ensures you can effortlessly blast away dirt to achieve incredible results every time.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the Kärcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus is ready to use right out the box, so you can get started transforming your garden right away!

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