Best Laser Level Reviews UK 2023 – Top 10 Comparison

Last Updated On September 15th, 2022

The best laser level UK brands can offer is a powerful tool in your DIY kit. Not only do these levels help to ensure that you can hang shelves and build tables that look straight, but they also help you to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

The laser level gives you a greater degree of accuracy and more features to explore than your standard bubble level. However, the arrival of new, more high-tech laser levels means that you have even more things to consider when you’re choosing the right tech for your next project.

Today, we’re going to explore some of the top laser levels on the market, to help you make the perfect purchase.

Best Laser Level Reviews – Top 10 Picks

1. Bosch Professional Cross Line (Editor’s Choice)

Bosch Professional Cross LinePerfect for professional or home use, the Bosch Professional Cross Line level is one of the top performers on the market today. If you’re on the hunt for the best laser levels to guide you on plumb points, and short-distance levelling applications, this could be the product for you. This cross line laser level even comes with a range of attachment options.


Versatile and easy to use, this cross line laser level is a compact and convenient solution for a variety of short-distance levelling jobs. With countless applications to explore, the device comes with handy features like a professional multifunctional and rotating mount. There are also batteries included so you can start measuring immediately.

To help keep your laser level in excellent condition for longer, Bosch also includes a protective bag, plus there’s a laser target plate for accuracy too.

However, it does take a little while to set this device up for the first time. Additionally, the batteries don’t seem to last very long.

  • Cross line laser level with 2 plumb points
  • Compact versatile design with storage bag included
  • Versatile attachment options and multifunctional mount
  • Professional rotating mount
  • Batteries and target included
  • Batteries may not last long
  • Can be difficult to set up initially

2. RockSeed Shockproof (Best Value)

RockSeed ShockproofThis dual-mode laser level comes with access to both self-levelling and manual levelling modes. The cross line laser with a slide switch allows you to set whichever mode you choose. In manual mode, the self-levelling function is deactivated, with a cross that allows you to maintain an even level at any angle.


The RockSeed self-levelling laser level comes with both a self-levelling and manual mode to suit your needs. The latest version of the tool comes with an updated red laser beam that allows you to see your level easily in any light. The 1M crash-proof level means you don’t have to worry about accidental breaks or knocks.

There’s the option to add a magnetic swivel mount although this is not included. Batteries are included as part of the package, and there’s a canvas carry case for protection too.

One slight issue is that the laser level can be difficult to see through the day. Additionally, the instructions are quite difficult to follow.

  • 1M crash proof protection for durability
  • High visibility and accuracy
  • Manual laser or auto-levelling functionality
  • Batteries included with carry case and 24-month warranty
  • Suitable for magnetic mounting
  • Instructions may be difficult to follow
  • May not be easy to see through the day

3. Bosch Professional (Best with Extended Range)

Bosch ProfessionalIf you’re using a laser level as part of a professional tool kit for various projects, then this Bosch product could be the ideal choice for you. Designed to offer excellent accuracy, this laser level comes with a bright red laser beam and strong laser lines that can go as far as 50 meters. This means these line laser levels from Bosch are some of the most powerful around.


Powered by AA batteries, the Bosch professional laser level will help you to get excellent results from a range of jobs indoors and outdoors. The highly accurate design and the 650nm laser deliver fantastic outcomes year after year. There’s even dust-and-splash-proof casing, which is rated to IP54 standards, so you know your device can work for a long period of time.

This laser level from Bosch comes with a host of extra features to explore, including a mount for rotary lasers, a receiver bracket, carrying case, ceiling clamp, and a laser target plate.

Unfortunately, the device can eat through AA batteries a lot faster than some other line laser levels. Additionally, you might find that the red beam doesn’t work as well indoors.

  • Excellent range laser level for various kinds of projects
  • Rotary laser level mount included and ceiling clamp
  • Storage case, receiver bracket, and target plate included
  • Durable design with dust and moisture resistance
  • May not always be the best for indoor use
  • Can go through batteries quite quickly

4. Bosch Quigo Plus Cross Line (Best Cross Line)

Bosch Quigo Plus Cross LineAnother fantastic self-levelling laser option, this Bosch Quigo cross laser tripod makes it easy to get the level you need with its powerful red laser beam. The self-levelling functionality makes this laser level extremely easy to use, and there’s the option to simultaneously project a vertical and a horizontal red laser line for an excellent grid function.


If you’re looking for the best laser level for builders and you need a comprehensive cross line laser, then this Bosch product could be the option for you. The self-levelling laser far outshines chalk line and old-fashioned level products with a higher degree of accuracy. You also get a small tripod included so you can get your horizontal and vertical measurements just right.

The compact design of these cross line lasers makes it easy to transport your device anywhere you might need to use a laser level.

Unfortunately, getting everything set up can be a bit of a headache, and the gearing rachet is quite loose too.

  • Convenient cross-level line
  • Self-levelling design for quick and easy accuracy
  • High-quality red laser cross line lasers
  • Compact and portable for whenever you need a level
  • As easy to use as a standard spirit level
  • May be difficult to set up initially
  • Components can be quite loose

5. BOSCH 603663300 PLL 1 P (Best Pocket Size)

BOSCH 603663300 PLL 1 PGet the best of both worlds with your laser level thanks to this Bosch combo package, which includes its own traditional spirit level. This handy self-levelling laser works as both a laser line leveller and a normal spirit level, so you can tackle a range of jobs with no problem. The product even comes with a compact design that makes it ideal for transport.


Easy to use and practical, this laser level tool from Bosch is a fantastic product if you’re looking for a way to ensure quick and easy accuracy on any job. The line is easy to see in a range of environments, with access to various types of laser line too. You can access horizontal, and vertical lines, as well as diagonal level line options too. The light extends up to 5 metres, while the laser point can reach 20 meters.

The adjustment points on the wall holder make getting the ideal line projection easy, regardless of whether you’re working with wood or metal services.

Unfortunately, the spirit level is a little smaller than expected. It’s also worth noting that this isn’t a cross line laser level, so you can only use it for vertical line or horizontal line options.

  • Practical vertical line, horizontal, and digital line options
  • Spirit level and line laser included
  • Small and compact design
  • Easy to use functionality
  • Accurate adjustment points
  • Spirit levels may be a little small
  • No cross lines for exact points may not be suitable for all

6. DEWALT DW088K-XJ (Best for DIY Projects)

DEWALT DW088K-XJIf you’re on the hunt for the best laser level UK companies can offer, then this wonderful product from DEWALT could be just what you need. One of the best cross line laser level options on the market, this product is conveniently self-levelling, so you can get an accurate laser beamline every time.


This self-levelling laser beam leveller from DEWALT can give you an accuracy of up to 0.3mm/m in all kinds of levelling applications. If you want to go beyond the basic features of a standard line laser, this product comes with a magnetic pivot bracket built-in, so you can easily mount it on a range of metal surfaces.

The over moulded housing and thick glass on this self-level laser mean that you can maintain an excellent high-quality calibration, even at construction sites. This ideal product for construction workers also has a simple adjustment system.

However, the vertical line can be hard to see in bright lights. The lines lose some of their strength at around 15 meters.

  • Convenient cross line laser level
  • Excellent for DIY projects and construction
  • High-quality laser technology with great accuracy
  • Magnetic pivot bracket included
  • Works well to maintain calibration in tough conditions
  • May not have the best laser lines in bright conditions
  • Straight lines may begin to diminish at 15m

7. Huepar 901CG (Multi-Functional Option)

Huepar 901CGEquipped with a green laser line instead of the standard red beam, this horizontal and vertical laser projects an incredible beam of light, perfect for metal surfaces, walls, and so much more. Unlike some of the other leading line laser products on the market, this self-level laser also features a plumb cross line to help accurately guide your DIY projects.


If you’re looking for a green beam self-levelling laser with a plumb feature included, then this could be the ideal product for you. One of the best tools for people using a laser level in a range of conditions, this green beam laser comes with pulse mode included and an outdoor mode. The ultra-bright beam can extend up to 196 feet, helping you to see your cross lines and vertical lines even when it’s sunny.

With an excellent working range and easy-to-see green beamlines, these laser levels will be ideal for a range of laser level products. Plus you can use the magnetic bracket with the plumb line feature to ensure you have the best accuracy. The kit comes with a pivoting base, laser target, and a portable carry case.

Just make sure that you check the accuracy carefully when you’re first setting this product up. The 360 horizontal line can be a little hit and miss too.

  • Excellent working range in a selection of conditions
  • Comes with a carry case, plumb line feature, and laser target
  • Vertical laser and horizontal line options
  • Great green beam ideal for bright guidance on DIY projects
  • Portable and compact design suits a range of needs
  • Can be difficult to get the best accuracy during initial setup
  • Horizontal and vertical laser lines can be hit and miss at times

8. Huepar 9011G (Best with Swivel Mount)

Huepar 9011GAnother green beam self-level laser system from Huepar, the 9011G comes with an extra-strong light to make sure that you can get the most accurate finish on any project. The green beam is up to twice as bright as a red laser, but it’s not recommended for outdoor use.


With one-button access for ease of use, this could be one of the most impressive laser levels on the market. Portable and handy, the product is ideal for laser level projects that require quick access to a bright set of green cross lines. You can even access automatic self-levelling functionality.

With extra fine positioning to support you in a range of jobs, this green laser level will help you to tackle a host of projects. There’s even a strong magnetic L mount included, with a tripod mount in case you want to add your laser level to other equipment.

Unfortunately, the power button doesn’t always turn the laser off, so you may need to remove the 2 x AA batteries. Additionally, this isn’t the best green beam laser for the outdoors.

  • Extra strong green beam laser level performance
  • Good working range for use indoors
  • Self-levelling cross line laser with easy accuracy
  • One of the easiest to use laser levels with one-button access
  • Magnetic mount included with your laser level
  • May not be one of the best laser levels for outdoor use
  • May need to remove the batteries to switch the laser level off

9. DEWALT DW088CG-XJ (Luxury Choice)

DEWALT DW088CG-XJDesigned to give you incredible accuracy in every project, the line laser levels from DEWALT are brimming with professional functionality. These self-levelling laser beam levels have everything you need to tackle a range of levelling applications, including a set of cross line lasers and a full-time pulse mode for use with a detector.


The self-levelling cross line lasers from DEWALT provide an excellent combination of functionality and simplicity for anyone investing in a DIY solution for the first time. Even if you’re a full-time professional, this laser detector line system will give you excellent results, with detection that extends up to 50 meters.

The IP54 rating means that you can continue to enjoy an excellent quality of measurement even if you’re working in the rain or dealing with dusty surroundings. There’s also a battery life indicator to help you track how much power you have left.

One issue with this high beam laser level is that the green light doesn’t seem to work as well in bright sunlight. Additionally, the mount can be a little complicated to use for some.

  • Convenient self-levelling laser with bright light functionality
  • IP54 rating for protection against dust and water
  • Integrated magnetic pivoting base with tripod functionality
  • Battery life indicator included
  • Up to 16 hours of battery life
  • May be difficult to mount initially
  • May not work as well in bright sunlight

10. Tilswall Store 20m (Best for Regular Use)

Tilswall Store 20mAmong the best laser levels on the market for those in search of an excellent working range, this laser level from Tilswall can cast a line over 20 metres. Like some of the other top laser levels on the market, there are dual modes to choose from, so you can switch quickly between vertical and horizontal lines in a matter of seconds.


A convenient line laser with easy-to-use functionality, this self-levelling laser from Tilswall will help you to tackle any job. The strong red beam makes it a good choice for tracking lines outside, and there’s a built-in pendulum system for better accuracy. Certified to all of the highest standards, this durable laser level can withstand all kinds of conditions.

Unlike other rotary laser level options, the Tilswall laser levels even come with IP54 rated housing, to protect your investment against moisture and dust.

One slight downside is that the device is a little chunky. It’s also more visible for outdoor projects than indoors.

  • Dual modules to switch between horizontal and vertical laser lines
  • Works with an IP54 rating for extra protection
  • Self-levelling laser levels for convenient ease of use
  • Strong red beam works well for outdoor projects
  • Certified to the highest standards
  • May not be as effective as other laser levels for indoor use
  • May be a little chunky

How to Choose Your Laser Level

measuring toolsThe best laser level on the market for your needs will depend on a range of factors, including what kind of projects you want to tackle. If you’re struggling to pick the ideal product from our laser level reviews, here are a few of the factors that you might need to think about when making your choice.


The best laser level should always be convenient and easy to use. Make sure that you can set your laser level up accurately with just one touch of a button, and look for other convenience features that might make your life easier too, like access to a low battery indicator light, or a carry case so you can protect your investment on the move.

Laser Options

A good laser level will allow you to do everything from finding plumb points, to creating cross marks on your wall. If you want something that goes beyond the standard vertical and horizontal line options that are common among older laser levels, then make sure you consider the options you have carefully when shopping for the best product. Rotary laser levels can even allow you to twist your line up to 360 degrees if you have the right mount.

Laser Performance

A good laser level needs to deliver excellent bright light in any conditions. The best green beam laser level might be more suitable for indoor use, but it won’t be particularly effective for the outdoors. On the other hand, you might want an extra bright red laser if you’re going to be doing a lot of outdoor work. When examining your ideal laser level, think about your options for laser colour, and remember to check the range of the laser too.

Battery Life and Durability

electrician using measuring tools

A good laser level shouldn’t need to be replaced every few weeks. Choosing a product that’s durable enough to withstand a range of conditions is crucial. You can find a wide selection of laser levels and rotary laser levels on the market today that come with access to dust and splash resistance. Remember to check how long the batteries are likely to last too. You don’t want to run out of power mid-project.

Compact Design

Finally, aside from being easy to use and accurate, your laser level also needs to be convenient enough to take with you wherever you go. Look for something that’s compact enough to slip in with the rest of your DIY equipment, or consider getting a level that comes with its own carrying case so you have an easy way to protect the device when you throw it into your backpack.

Choosing Your Laser Level

Finding the best laser level UK brands can offer is a complicated process, as it requires you to think carefully about what you need from your levelling projects.

In our opinion, the best laser level on the market right now is the Bosch Professional Cross Line, which makes it quick and easy to handle a wide range of short-distance levelling applications, with a rotating mount and a set of batteries included to get you started. You can even set plumb points with this handy laser level.

Good luck choosing the product that’s right for you.

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