LG OLED55b8slc and OLED65b8slc Review 2021 – The Big and Smart Choice

Last Updated On December 28th, 2020

Ready for a new standard of OLED TV? This article combines both an LG OLED55B8SLC review and an LG OLED65B8SLC review and will introduce you to everything the innovative B8 series from LG can do.

Designed with an Alpha 7 chip technology to provide exceptional performance for an affordable price, the OLED 55-inch and 65-inch screens from the B8 range are sure to blow any viewing experience out of the water.

LG OLED55/OLED65 Review

lg oled tvFor years, LG has always focused on bringing customers the highest level of performance, combined with stunning picture quality. The result has been dozens of happy testimonials from customers who love the attention-to-detail they can view in their “ultra HD” screens. The LG B8 range stands out because it combines state-of-the-art features like 4K performance and Dolby vision with an affordable price tag – much cheaper than you’ll find on similar models.

While the processor chip in the B8 range isn’t as strong as some of the other pricier models on the market, the compromise is very slight – you may not notice it. Additionally, because they cut down on processing power, LG could provide a lower price point for budget-conscious customers.

The reason we haven’t provided a separate LG OLED55B8SLC review is that the OLED 55 and OLED 65 are exactly the same – aside from their size. The only difference is that one has a 55-inch screen, and the other has a 65-inch screen. Processing power, performance, picture quality, and other crucial features are the same.

So, are the B8 televisions right for you? We’re about to find out.

Today, we’re reviewing these televisions based on:

  • Design
  • Picture quality
  • Motion blur and video processing
  • HDR/SDR Functionality
  • 4K processing
  • Sound quality
  • Smart TV & connections
LG OLED55B8SLC 55″  Check Price


LG OLED55B8SLC 65″  Check Price

Features & Benefits

1. Design

back and side view of televisionThough appearance probably isn’t the only thing you consider when you buy a new TV, it’s still worth paying attention to. From its beautifully sleek metallic backplate to its slim aesthetic throughout, the LG B8 OLED range offers true beauty for any home. There’s nothing to hint that you’ve paid any less than top price for your new home entertainment product.

In the UK, there are two B8 OLED options available, the PLA, and the SLC. In this case, we’re looking at the SLC, which embraces a more open, half-moon curve with its design.

Despite the slimness of the television, there’s no compromise on the number of connections you get built into the screen. There are four 4k and HDR-ready HDMI cable slots built-in, as well as 3 multimedia playback USBs, and options for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi integration too.

You’ll find the connections on the rear left of the display. There are enough that you shouldn’t have to debate between plugging your Blu-Ray player, Xbox, or PS4 into your TV.

Additionally, the magic remote, which comes as part of the B8 OLED package, is a sophisticated grey colour, and it works seamlessly with the set. The mouse pointer function allows you to navigate the smart TV component of the product with ease – we’ll come back to that a little later. Switching between apps and sources is incredibly easy – as you don’t need to press arrow buttons several times.

2. Picture Quality

oled gallery modeThe LG B8 range, both 55-inch and 65-inch come with a state-of-the-art LED WRGB OLED panel. The improvements compared to a typical LED screen are obvious. When flicking between channels, you shouldn’t notice any colour tinting issues or branding. The display changes pictures perfectly, with no burning effects to worry about. You can even watch fast-paced sports and movies without any uniformity issues.

Unfortunately, with an OLED screen, you might experience a few issues in very dark scenes. The B8 OLED tv gives you an excellent response, but you might notice a little bit of vertical banding. According to some of the other LG OLED65B8SLC reviews we read, this is a common issue, but not something that’s too significant for most viewers.

One great thing about the OLED55B8SLC and its larger counterpart is the availability of a pixel-level light control feature. This helps HDR content to stand out. You can adjust your blacks and colours according to your unique preferences with no problems. If you know your way around an OLED television system, you can go deeper into the LG panel and calibrate your system further. However, honestly, most people will be fine, leaving the system as it is.

3. Motion Blur & Video Processing

Motion-wide, the LG B8 OLED is wonderful at reducing motion blur. However, we’d recommend not applying the black frame insertion feature. It can cause some serious flickering during brighter screens – which is pretty annoying for viewers.

Unlike other televisions in the LG line-up, with Alpha 9 processors installed, there’s no de-contouring filter available. Saying that, unless you’re a video processing buff, you’re unlikely to miss this feature.

4. HDR/ SDR Functionality

If you’re used to watching television and movies on SDR (Standard Dynamic Range), then you’ll have no problem with the OLED55B8SLC, or it’s bigger brother. The deep intensities within the image are excellent for providing a high level of contrast in your pictures. You’ll be able to pick out even the smallest shadowy details, which gives more depth and beauty to a lot of images.

When it comes to colour management, the SDR functions on the LG B8 models have no problems keeping shades looking realistic. Although the more expensive LG televisions like the C8 series have slightly richer and deeper colours in comparison, you’re not going to notice the difference unless the two screens are side-by-side.

Importantly, the OLED65B8SLC and its smaller-screened counterpart also allow viewers to watch SDR that’s been up-scaled to HDR quite well. Honestly, the OLED performance here works well with SDR, so that’s probably a way to watch it. However, the option for HDR is there if you want it too. The upscaling engine is decent enough that it keeps everything looking realistic. Plus, there’s very little noise to worry about too.

While you get a truly phenomenal experience with SDR, the HDR isn’t quite as amazing, but it holds up pretty well.

5. 4K Processing

oled perfect blackMost OLED televisions have some issues when it comes to HDR processing and higher levels of picture quality, like 4K. That’s because OLED as a format can’t achieve the same brightness levels necessary for HDR performance.

a. Brightness Highlights

While it’s safe to say that the OLED55B8’s HDR picture still looks fantastic, with bright highlights and deep dark shadows, it’s nothing near as bright and vibrant as the image you would get with a more expensive OLED model. Additionally, the lower brightness level (680 nits) on the B8 OLED range also means that you won’t get as many shading details in some of your HDR images.

For people in search of a true 4K experience, the B8 range might not be powerful enough. Compared to the step-up models like the C8s, there’s just not enough pop behind the images. There’s also a small amount of noise in some of the darker pictures too – even if it’s only very minimal. If you’re a discerning viewer, then you might pick up on this background noise during viewing. Once you’ve seen it, it’s pretty difficult to ignore.

b. Black Levels

The good news for 4K fans is that the black levels in the HDR setting remain immaculate – so you’re sure to get a very deep contrast. However, if you want the excellent results, you’ll need to make sure that you don’t fiddle too much with the settings. The OLED65B8SLC and the smaller version of the B8 come with a brightness setting landing at around 52. If you push it much further than this, then you start to notice the image bleeding out a little bit.

Another significant thing about the B8 compared with other OLED televisions is that it comes with excellent viewing angle support. In other words, it doesn’t matter where your sofa is in the room; you can watch your TV from anywhere and still get a fantastic view.

6. Sound Quality

When you look at how slim the B8S OLED televisions are, it’s easy to assume that you’re not going to get a lot from the audio. However, it’s good to know that LG delivers excellent sound, alongside an amazing image. The television comes with Dolby Digital, and Dolby Digital Plus technology built-in along with Dolby Atmos, and a unique film sound mode.

Whether you set it up for music or movies, the sound on the B8 OLED television is loud, dynamic, and clean, with no unwanted disruptions underneath the surface. The TV seems to project the sound very well, helping it to reach all the corners of your room for those family viewing nights. There are even moments when you feel like the sound is coming from behind you.

One slight niggle is that there isn’t a lot of depth when it comes to altering the bass effects. However, you’ll still get a fantastic experience when you’re watching movies or shows. Everything syncs up as it should, and the Atmos system even works well at high volumes. There’s always an option to buy a soundbar if you are an audiophile.

7. Smart TV and Connections

with ThinQ AISo, how intelligent is the OLED B8 range from LG? Well, first of all, there are plenty of connection options to choose from.

a. OLED B8 Connections

  • WiFi Direct
  • WiFi
  • Miracast
  • Bluetooth
  • HDMI support

b. WebOS Platform

The Smart TV technology available from LG comes in the form of the WebOS platform, which is fantastic for making your intelligent television feel easy-to-use and straightforward. The WebOS scrolls horizontally along the bottom of your screen and the cruising motion from one page to the next feels smooth and seamless.

c. Viewing Options

The LG OLED55B8SLC and the 65-inch model both come with Freeview play and Freeview HD built-in, so you’ll have plenty of great channels to get you started – even if you haven’t wired up to any cable or extra channels yet. In terms of available widgets, you can browse through everything from the ITV Hub, to Now TV, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, BBC iPlayer, All 4 and many more.

4K and HDR Netflix streaming are available, and there’s voice control too if you’d rather browse using speech than scrolling with your remote. However, you do need to use the remote as a kind of microphone – so make sure you have it nearby.

There are also options like YouTube 4K and HDR streaming and recommended content if you need help figuring out what to watch next.

With countless apps and intelligent catch-up services to choose from the LG B8, OLED televisions are great for giving you excellent experience out of your new entertainment system. The channels and services that you use through the Smart OS are also equipped with Dolby Atmos Sound and Dolby Vision HDR too. This means that you get the same quality regardless of what you’re viewing.

d. Magic Remote

To balance out the full “smart” experience, LG’s Magic Remote is also exceptionally intuitive. You can simply point your remote at the part of the screen that you want to access and use the helpful built-in wheel to spin through menus rapidly. There’s no need to turn your thumb numb with constant pointing and clicking.

LG OLED55B8SLC 55″  Check Price


LG OLED55B8SLC 65″  Check Price

The Verdict

side view of oled televisionAs you’ve probably noticed during this LG OLED65B8SLC review, and LG OLED55B8SLC review, there’s just not much to complain about this incredible piece of tech. Although some of the more expensive models available from LG today can provide better brightness, and therefore stronger HDR experiences, the LG B8 series still offers an excellent all-around solution for entertainment.

Not only does the B8 series provide amazing picture quality, but LG’s partnership with Dolby ensures crystal-clear sound too, and there’s a fantastic range of smart features to explore.

If you’re looking for a TV that looks and sounds great and isn’t going to be a pain to use, then the LG B8 series is ideal for you. What’s more, it won’t break the bank either!

LG OLED55B8SLC 55″  Check Price


LG OLED55B8SLC 65″  Check Price

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