Simba Mattress Review 2021 – Is It the King of Slumber?

Last Updated On December 28th, 2020

Looking for a better quality of sleep? Then you’ll need to invest in the right mattress. As you’ll discover when reading this Simba mattress review, there are many different types of mattresses available on the market today, and some are better suited to certain people. For instance, if you’re looking to sleep on a soft and sinkable mattress, then you might want something made mainly out of memory foam. If you’re searching for affordability and durability, pocket spring mattresses could be an excellent choice.

Simba Mattress Review

Simba in the bedroomThe Simba Hybrid mattress aims to provide customers with the best of both worlds by combining multiple traditional spring and memory foam layers into the same bed. Based in the UK, the Simba sleep company has become a popular provider for bed-in-a-box options for British customers.

To help you decide whether this product is right for you, we’ll be looking at numerous factors in our Simba hybrid mattress review, including:

  • Customer service and delivery
  • Construction
  • Simba mattress cover
  • Sizes and dimensions
  • Feel and firmness
  • Support and comfort
  • Safety and maintenance

If you’re in search of a mattress from a local UK provider that can be delivered to you by next-day postage, then our complete Simba hybrid review is just what you need.

Features & Benefits

1. Customer Service

bed in a boxWhen it comes to ordering the perfect mattress, you’re not just looking for comfortable sleep. You also need to be sure that dealing with the manufacturer is easy to deal with. The good news? Simba memory foam mattress is provided by a fully online company. That means you don’t even have to visit a store to arrange delivery for your new purchase.

a. Trial Period

While some people would prefer the option to test their mattress before they buy it, the Simba mattress company ensures that you still get plenty of flexibility and peace of mind with your purchase, by including a 100-day night trial period with each sale. This means that you have a 100-night worth of sleep to decide whether you want to keep the mattress or send it back.

b. Free Delivery

Ordering a mattress from Simba takes a few clicks, and next-day Simba delivery is available for most parts of the UK. Like other bed-in-a-box providers, you can expect your mattress to arrive fully vacuum-sealed, which means that it’s much easier to haul it up the stairs and into your bedroom.

c. Off-Gassing

Keep in mind that once you have your mattress in your desired bedroom, you’ll need to give it some time to expand into its full shape, usually a few hours. If this is your first experience to sleep on a hybrid memory foam mattress, you’re likely to be caught off guard by the initial chemical smell that comes with it. Remember, these mattresses have been sitting in a box at a factory, so they’re bound to have a slightly unusual scent.

Don’t panic! In time, usually within a few days, the smell from theses kinds of mattresses will begin to dissipate. To help move things along and start sleeping well, you can always open a window and keep your bedroom well ventilated while you sleep – particularly if you’re ordering your new mattress during the summer.

d. Old Mattress Removal

One of the most appealing things about ordering a Simba mattress is that you don’t have to worry about wasting your time getting rid of your old bed. The Simba team will remove your old mattress for you, free of charge if you pick the 2-man delivery option.

e. Guarantee

Additionally, as well as the 100-night sleep guarantee, Simba offers a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on their mattresses, to give you peace of mind if anything goes wrong with your purchase. The warranty does exclude general sleep-related wear and tear, but it includes uncommon issues like a broken spring or something similar.

2. Construction

5 layer constructionOne of the things that make sleeping on a Simba mattress so unique today is its state-of-the-art construction. Read any Simba mattress review, and you’re sure to get an insight into the four separate layers of coils, polyfoam, and latex that make up this reliable and comfortable bed.

As a hybrid mattress, the Simba bed-in-a-box aims to give customers all the comfort and benefits of sleeping on memory foam, without the overwhelming heat or resiliency issues that can be common among full-foam mattresses. The hybrid mattress was designed in collaboration with the Sleep to Live Institute, which means that it’s undergone extensive testing.

Although the Simba mattress is only 25 cm thick, making it quite a lightweight and streamlined sleep option for most consumers, its multi-layer foam construction means it’s excellent at delivering comfort and support for a range of sleepers. Together, the various aspects of the Simba mattress combine to make a bed that’s more reliable, soft, and supportive to sleep on overall. Let’s look at the layers in more detail.

a. The Top Layer

Otherwise known as the “Simbatex” layer, it is a comforting and durable synthetic latex layer that keeps you cool as you sleep all night long. As well as providing plenty of squishable softness, the top layer regulates your temperature by making sure that you don’t sink too deeply into the mattress.

b. The Spring-Powered Layer

This is the part underneath the latex that uses 2,500 uniquely conical springs to give your body the proper support and protection it needs as you sleep. Ideal for people who suffer from back and joint issues, the patented springs adjust well to the curves of your body as you move throughout the night.

c. The Memory Foam Layer

The memory foam layer in the Simba mattress is designed using state-of-the-art Visco memory foam. It reacts and adjusts according to your needs by contouring to the unique shape of your body. Thanks to this foam layer, you can move naturally while your sleep without having to worry about discomfort or extra pressure on certain parts of your body. Visco memory foam is also anti-microbial and hypoallergenic so that you can reduce your risk of coughs and rashes. Additionally, memory foam has limited motion transfer. Because it absorbs movement it makes sleeping more comfortable for your partner as well as you.

d. The Base Layer

Finally, the foundation layer is a thick support base that comes with multiple load-bearing zones to help distribute your weight more evenly throughout the mattress. The foundation base has unique grooves built-in, with each zone working together for a comprehensive support solution as you sleep.

3. Simba Mattress Cover

folded cover on a tableWhen it comes to answering the question, “Are Simba mattresses any good?” you’ll need to look at more than just the bed itself. It’s also worth thinking about the sleep accessories that come with your mattress – such as the anti-allergenic cover.

The cover for the Simba mattress is 100% polyester, which means that it’s easy to wash and maintain. Polyester covers don’t lose their strength over time, which means that you can use them time and time again. Although the cover is a little thinner than some of the other options you might find in the bedding market – this is an intentional aspect of the design.

The Simba mattress cover is responsive, breathable and stretchy which means that you won’t have to worry about it being loose during the night when it’s on your bed. Additionally, the cover stays in shape very well – with excellent airflow to prevent the build-up of bacteria and unwanted smells.

While the Simba cover doesn’t offer much sleep aesthetically as a plain white sheet, it’s ideal for a clean and sleek appearance.

4. Sizes and Dimensions

top view of girl in the bedroomWhen you’re checking out Simba mattress reviews, it’s crucial to look into the measurements and sizes of the mattress that you want to order. After all, you don’t want to sleep on a mattress that’s bigger or smaller than your bed frame.

a. Simba Sizes

The good news is that the Simba mattress comes from a British company, and most of the sizes are geared towards the typical mattress sizes you’d find in the UK. Interestingly, rather than giving you simple sizes for their mattresses like Single, Double, Queen, and King, there are also Super King size and Emperor size. Also, if you’re looking for something your kids can sleep on, you can have a “small double” size or a bunk bed size Simba mattress.

  • Single: W90, D25, L190
  • Small double: W120, D25, L190
  • Double: W135, D25, L190
  • King: W150, D25, L200
  • SuperKing: W180, D25, L200

b. Weight

When it comes to the Simba mattress weight limit, there’s nothing to worry about. According to the company’s FAQ, their warranty covers a maximum weight of 18 stone per sleeper for the adult hybrid mattress. That’s a lot of weight which makes Simba an ideal choice if you are looking for mattresses for heavy people.

Speaking of weights, the mattress itself is pretty hefty too. The average single mattress weighs around 52.9 pounds from Simba. It’s a good thing that you don’t feel much of this when you’re heaving the bedding upstairs in its vacuum-packed container.

If you want to double-check to ensure that the existing base you have for your bed is suitable for a Simba mattress, there’s an FAQ section on the website. Most consumers won’t need to worry because the Simba hybrid foam mattress comes in regular sizes, which means it should fit most bases, regardless of whether you prefer to sleep on a solid or slatted bed. On a divan, a Simba mattress should work just as well, just watch out for the weight if you have a bed that needs to be lifted for storage.

As mentioned above, even if you make a mistake and order a mattress from Simba that’s too big (or small) for your base at home, there’s nothing stopping you from sending the hybrid foam mattress back. Simba will retrieve your mattress free of charge if you decide that you don’t want it as long as it is within 100 days of receiving the shipment.

Notably, if you have a base with slats that are more than 7.6 centimetres apart, this could affect the support levels that you can get from your new bedding. The same issues can happen if you sleep on a bed base that has sprung slats, which make the mattress feel slightly less firm.

5. Feel and Firmness

boy in black having a napNow we come to the most essential part of any review: how it feels when you sleep. In terms of firmness, most customers rank Simba at around a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale, with 1 being the least firm. As a mid-way competitor, Simba is intended to suit a range of sleepers. Additionally, because it has slightly more firmness, it can be particularly appealing for those who are looking for a mattress for back pain and joint issues.

a. Temperature Regulation

The top layer of latex on the Simba mattress makes it highly comfortable and responsive during sleep. You can place a good level of pressure on the surface, and experience plenty of sinkage without too much heaviness on your nerves. If you’re wondering if the Simba mattress is too hot, then it may help to know that the underlying springs in the mattress prevent you from sinking too deeply. This means that you may not get as much of the warm hugging sensation that you might expect from a full-foam mattress.

b. Usability

The Simba mattress is excellent at withstanding regular use. However, it’s worth noting that its feel can change over time. The more time you sleep on your Simba mattress, the less firm it becomes. This is a result of the materials compressing inside the various layers of your new mattress. The good news is that there’s no notable depression as with most foam mattresses.

Many people find that breaking in their Simba mattress over time allows them to discover a new level of sleep comfort and support. However, you will need to rotate your mattress every so often to avoid any dips and sagging. The instructions come with guidance on how often you need to turn (once a month). Unfortunately, moving your mattress can be easier said than done. The hefty weight of the Simba mattress combined with a lack of handles means that you’re going to need at least two people.

6. Support and Comfort

supportive layers for overall reliefSo, how does the Simba mattress perform when it comes to comfort and support while you sleep? We looked at a wide range of Simba mattress bad reviews and good feedback to answer this question.

a. Hybrid Mattress

The first thing you need to know is that the Hybrid can offer an exceptional level of both sleep comfort and support, thanks to its multi-layer construction. The Simba latex layer and the memory foam are extremely comfortable, while the pioneering conical springs ensure that you get all the extra firmness you need to prevent back problems.

The combined textures of the Simba mattress ensure that you can get all the alignment you need for an amazing night of rest. However, the extra soft top layers might give you more warmth during the summer nights than a standard spring mattress. If you’re particularly sensitive to sleeping hot, then the Simba mattress might not be the ideal solution for you. Keep in mind, however, that this option is a lot better at heat distribution than many memory foam mattresses. Despite this, the latex can hold onto your heat rather than distributing it across the mattress as other spring beds do.

Memory foam mattresses generally suffer from far less breathability than their spring counterparts. Additionally, the fact that you sink into the bedding’s top layers makes the heat even worse. Despite this, countless companies are experimenting with new technologies to reduce the impact of a memory foam mattress on hot sleepers. Simba has made an effort by implementing a latex top layer with natural cooling materials – but you still won’t be able to get the same coolness and ventilation you could experience from a full spring mattress.

b. Edge Support

One area where the Simba mattress really stands out is with its edge support solutions. While many mattresses can offer a range of benefits through a hybrid construction, most seem to lose some of their impact the further you get towards the edge of the mattress. This isn’t the case with the Simba mattress. All of the layers involved extend to the edges of the mattress, to prevent the mattress from collapsing when you’re getting up in the morning.

If you’re a person who likes to sleep near the edge of your mattress, or you regularly sit on your bed throughout the day, then you should notice a high level of support from the Simba. In terms of comfort and support all-in-all, the Simba provides an excellent level of pressure relief, edge support, bounce, and responsive memory foam contouring.

7. Safety and Maintenance

easy zip coveringIt’s unlikely that your new mattress is going to be the most dangerous investment you make for your home. However, people with allergy concerns and other issues may need to check the testing that has been used to ascertain the quality of their mattress before they commit and buy it.

a. Company Transparency

One of the best things about the Simba mattress is that it comes from a highly transparent company. Simba is happy to share all of the information you might need about its product online, through FAQs and website articles. The company prides itself on delivering a mattress that’s not just comfortable and supportive to sleep on, but also environmentally sustainable. All the foams used within the mattress are labelled with CertiPur, which means that they don’t use any unnecessary chemicals. There’s no need to worry about being exposed to heavy metals, ozone depleters, or anything else that could harm your health, or the planet.

You may also like to know that the hybrid mattress from Simba that you can find online today went through many years of stringent testing before an official design was chosen. The Simba group took studies from more than 10 million sleep profiles to figure out what customers needed from an excellent and affordable bed-in-a-box.

b. Easy to Clean

What’s more, if you’re worried about making sure that your new mattress lasts as long as possible, Simba has made care and maintenance simple too. You can easily unzip and remove the cover when it needs laundering. Additionally, the top layer latex surface is easy to clean if you end up with any stains you need to get rid of. It’s even possible to wipe the bottom of the mattress clean with nothing more than a damp cloth.

Simba recommends using a mattress protector to make your purchase last longer, which is one of the reasons why the cover comes as part of your overall purchase.

Who Should Buy the Simba Mattress?

girl with a pillow on a bedHopefully, this Simba mattress review has answered some of the questions you might have about whether the Simba is right for you. Your choice of mattress can make a huge difference in your quality of life, as it affects how likely you are to get a good night of sleep.

While the Simba mattress might not be right for everyone, it provides a highly balanced level of sleeping comfort that works for most consumers. Although not ideal for people who suffer from hot sleeping or people who prefer to lie on their stomach, there are plenty of benefits to the Simba. We believe that the Simba mattress is best suited to people who:

  • Those with back pain or need a mid to high level of firmness and support from their mattress.
  • Want a hybrid experience that combines the benefits of Spring-based durability with the comfort of memory foam mattresses. The hybrid experience that the Simba provides is unique compared to other competitors on the market. It’s something you need to try for yourself.
  • Need great edge support. The Simba mattress is excellent for couples thanks to its amazing edge support and its ability to absorb and disperse movement easily.

The Simba mattress is also ideal for anyone who hasn’t made their mind up what they need for a good night of sleep. The 100-night sleep trial, combined with a 10-year guarantee gives you excellent peace of mind for your purchase.

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